PUBG Tricks: How to reduce weapon recoil with attachments?

PUBG Mobile Attachments
PUBG Mobile Attachments

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games. The battle royale game has had monumental success in India where it is played by many people.

The game comes with a variety of weapons which have their unique mechanics. Each weapon has its own function and needs some time to get used to. Like many other multiplayer shooting games, PUBG has embedded a recoil mechanism in its guns.

Recoil refers to a gun’s spring-back action while shooting. The mechanism throws a player’s aim off from the target as it causes the crosshair to jump from the desired location. Hence, it is important for players to reduce and minimise the recoil effect.

Fortunately, PUBG has weapon attachments that reduce weapon recoil and makes life easier for the players. It is helpful to know which attachments help players to shoot better and more accurately.

PUBG Mobile Grips

PUBG Mobile M416 Grips (image via gurugamer)
PUBG Mobile M416 Grips (image via gurugamer)

Grips are gun attachments that can be equipped on various weapons. They drastically reduce a weapon’s recoil and recovery while shooting. However, not all grips fit every gun.

There are various types of grips for different weapons. Half Grips are versatile and useful for guns like UMP9, AUG A3 and the Vector. The Thumb Grip is best used for scoped weapons while vertical grips can be employed for weapons that have a significant amount of vertical recoil like M762 or Tommy gun.

Angled Grip is an optimal option for SMGs and some ARs. Light Grip is the best option when it comes to guns like SKS that fires single shots.

PUBG Mobile Compensators, Suppressors and Flash Hiders

PUBG Mobile Compensators, Suppressors and Flash Hiders
PUBG Mobile Compensators, Suppressors and Flash Hiders

PUBG Mobile also offers Compensators that can be found randomly around the map just like other attachments.

Unlike grips, the Compensators are hard to find around the map and sometimes even come bundled with air drops. They are incredibly useful on weapons that have high recoil and lack control. The attachment is best used on ARs, reducing both horizontal and vertical recoil. Compensators are one of the best attachments for guns like M416 and AKM.

Suppressors and Flash Hiders are unique attachments in the game. Players mostly use them to reduce weapon sound and eliminate muzzle flash. Flash Hiders, though, do not reduce or eliminate weapon sound.

By utilising resources such as sound and indicators on the mini map, players can make themselves difficult to be detected by opponents. However, there is a key feature in the Suppressors that most people are not aware of.

Suppressors have the ability to reduce weapon deviation by five percent. Flash Hiders reduce weapon recoil by a significant margin too.

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