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PUBG Update 27a Brings New Moon Map, Level 4 Helmet, Zero Gravity Feature, Shroud's Easter Egg 

Hrithik Raj
04 Apr 2019, 02:26 IST

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is taking a step to the Moon
PlayerUnknown's Battleground is taking a step to the Moon

PlayerUnknown's Battleground upcoming Update 27a is going to change the entire game. PlayerUnknown's Battleground which has always followed the ironclad rule of originality over and real-life experience in implementing its own version of Battle Royale is finally taking a new turn.

PUBG upcoming Update 27a received its complete official patch notes a while ago. The new updates in PUBG are going to bring a brand new moon map in the game. For the first time in Battle Royale genre players will be able to experience a battle royale on the surface of the moon. PlayerUnknown's Battleground's new moon map will provide a realistic and immersive experience to players as there will be zero gravity feature. Player will take no fall damage in PUBG new moon map. The new moon map is also PUBGs biggest map to date.

The Developers quote on PlayerUnknown's Battleground new moon map-

With the popularity of the Moonlight weather setting on Vikendi, we worked hard to determine what it was about that mode that engaged fans so much. After countless hours, we were able to determine that it was the full moon itself that fascinated players. Our next course of action became clear; have the next great PUBG map be on the surface of the moon!

PlayerUnknown's Battleground Moon map brings a ton of new features. This is going to be the most mechanically different map than the other pre-existing maps of PUBG.

Everything about PUBG new moon map-

  • PUBG’s biggest map to date at over 3,476 square kilometres!
  • New Feature: “Zero G”
  • Players will not receive fall damage on the Moon.
  • Jump height and duration are increased by 10x on the Moon.
  • Players struck with heavy-hitting weapons (melee, shotguns) will be flung for several meters slowly over time.
  • Players on the Moon will leave footprints.
  • The Moon will have no weather cycles but will either be lit or in complete darkness depending on which side you spawn on.
  • Boost gauge and boost items will be replaced with oxygen tanks on the moon.
  • Players will need to keep oxygen tanks on hand in order to not suffocate.
  • New Moon Exclusive Vehicle: Moon Rover
  • Rovers will be key to survival on the moon, as players have thousands of meters to cover to get to the safe zone.
PUBG New Moon Map Footprints sample
PUBG New Moon Map Footprints sample

New Content which will be added in PlayerUnknown's Battleground Update 27a-

  • Added a revenge bomb as loot to all maps.
  • The bomb is held in your inventory and explodes once an enemy opens your death box.
  • Players can set a pre-recorded message to play after the bomb goes off.
  • Added new Vikendi-exclusive weapon, the Squirt Gun.
  • Enemies hit by the squirt gun will take damage over time as they gain stacks of frostbite.
  • Increased squad sizes to a maximum of 20.
  • Added the Stretch Limousine and Party Bus as new squad transport vehicles.
  • Added Level 4 helmets to the game.
  • Completely resistant to bullets.
  • Reduces screen visibility considerably.
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