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PUBG Update 27a Brings New Moon Map, Level 4 Helmet, Zero Gravity Feature, Shroud's Easter Egg 

  • PUBG New Moon Map revealed, Shroud easter egg and more on the new upcoming update.
Hrithik Raj
Modified 04 Apr 2019, 12:19 IST

Gameplay Changes-

  • To better emphasize survival in PUBG, frying pans can now be used to cook food.
  • Added a new win condition using the pan
  • Players able to collect components and cook their own Chicken Dinner will instantly win the match without having to be the lone survivor.
  • Boosts now inflict a stacking % chance to cause your character to suffer a heart attack.
  • Energy Drink: 2%
  • Painkillers: 10%
  • Adrenaline: 25%
  • Players now have a chance to injure their arm when involved in scooter accidents.
  • (Get well soon!)

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is evolving by each passing update. Though Update 27a is going to be a far greater update than any of the old one that we have seen in the past few months. PUBGs new update is going to bring a more realistic level of survivalism in the game. New features like using the pan to cook food and basically healing yourself. Survival elements like collecting ingredients to cook and all that.

To be more realistic PUBG developers have decided to add the side effects of using drugs and energy drinks. Just like real life in which overdose of drugs can cause heart attacks. In PUBG we are going to experience the same, as an example now using energy drink will cause a 2% rise in being prone to a heart attack. While the adrenaline is going to raise the rate by 25%, moreover the rate of damage is stacked which means using 4 adrenaline's back to back will cause and heart attack.

Shroud's Scooter Accident Easter Egg in PlayerUnknown's Battleground Upcoming Update

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is adding a sort of easter egg in PUBG related to Shroud's scooter accident. In the above mentioned official gameplay changes we saw that there will be a new feature added related to a scooter accident. Players in PUBG will have a chance to injure their arm when involved in a scooter accident. Below that its mentioned "Get well soon!".

Without a doubt, it's related to the recent famous twitch streamer and former pro player, King of Reddit- Shroud. Shroud recently had a scooter accident and undergo surgery in his left arm. Shroud is one of the best players of PUBG, he had contributed a lot to the game. Meanwhile, the game has done the same for him.

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Published 04 Apr 2019, 02:26 IST
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