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PUBG Update: PUBG PC Update Patch 22 is Going to Be Live Soon

331   //    04 Oct 2018, 14:57 IST

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PUBG has become popular on PC and mobile phone both. And with the newly released patches, we are hoping the game to be even more popular and balanced in time. The organization is trying to make the game more interesting with the new patch release. The addition of Ranked System and other new updates is not only going to make it more interesting but also more competitive.

A new PUBG update called Patch 22 will introduce an Anti-Cheat system. We all saw this coming. Cheaters were a problem in the game and now with the new Ranked System they needed to fix the cheating problem else the whole Ranked System and “Skill” based brackets would be in vain. They needed an Anti-Cheat system to make the rank system balanced and stable and here it is.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to combat cheating, we’ve developed a new in-house anti-cheat system at PUBG Corp. which we’re now bringing to live servers, after an extensive period on our test servers. This system is being used in addition to our existing anti-cheat solutions,” said PUBG corporation in a blog post.


1.  Wheel Menus: Wheel Menu is an added UI which will allow players to open a quick select wheel in PUBG for quick selection. Players can open the quick-select menu to select items quickly without opening the inventory or selecting individual keys.

2.  Minimap: This will allow players to magnify the minimap further.

3.  Player Order Consistency: Player order between the lobby and in-game will now be consistent. This will assign players with fixed number and colors based on lobby order when they enter a game.

4.  Friend UI: The Friend UI has been updated to highlight disconnected and logged out teammates.

There is also some bug-fix update which will be applied after the maintenance break. The Patch 22 and all other bug-fix updates will be applied to the game after the 5-hour maintenance break is over.