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Ranking all mythic items in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

  • A ranking of all mythic weapons available in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, based on various aspects.
  • All of these weapons can be had only after defeating a mythic character in the game.
Saurav joshi
Modified 17 May 2020, 19:46 IST

The introduction of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 by Epic Games
The introduction of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 by Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 1 was a massive success for the game and brought some major map changes along with the introduction of plenty of new weapons and in-game content. 

Fortnite, when thriving at its peak, allowed for collaborations with some big names that included DC, Marvel and artists like Marshmello.

It set hopes high for Fortnite Chapter 2, which Epic Games introduced with a brand new map along with fresh in-game content like fishing and swimming. Chapter 2 Season 1 of Fortnite, though, quickly faded away because of monotony and a lack of freshness in content.

However, five new POIs along with six new bosses and their unique and powerful weapons (mythic weapons) was a step forward in reviving the Fortnite game. There are currently seven mythical weapons in Fortnite. Let us have a look at them.

7 Mythic Fortnite weapons:

#7 Deadpool's hand cannons:

A photo of Deadpool
A photo of Deadpool's hand cannons leaked by dataminer hypex on Twitter

This pair of mythic weapons were added on 3rd April 2020 as a part of the Deadpool crossover in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 along with the yacht being taken over by Deadpool from Meowscles. 

Deadpool's hand cannons brought changes to the POI with a black and red theme to match Deadpool's colour combination. This mythic item can be obtained by defeating Deadpool on the yacht.

Despite how loud and exciting these pistols may sound while firing, they do a pretty mediocre job in terms of damage dealt.

#6 Tntina's Ka-boom Bow 

A photo of Tntina
A photo of Tntina's Ka-boom Bow leaked by dataminer ifiremonkey

A reformed version of the previously known weapon of 'Explosive bow from Chapter 1 (Boom Bow), the Boom Bow or Ka-boom is obtained by defeating Tntina at the Rig. 

The Boom Bow is one of the most underrated weapons in Fortnite. It packs a powerful punch, dealing 75 damage for an area shot and 100 for a body shot compared to 100 for an area shot and 115 for a body shot of the original boom bow. 

The splash damage of the Ka-boom bow makes it very powerful when used in tight corners and peeks. Contrary to the original Boom bow, the Ka-boom bow does not use shotgun shells but rather works on self-replenishing ammo which charges overtime for a maximum count of 5.

The Ka-Boom has an infamous reputation in the Fortnite competitive scene and is only considered acceptable to use if no snipers are available.

#5 Meowscles' peow peow Rifle/ Mythic AK 

A photo of Meowscle
A photo of Meowscle's Peow Peow Rifle a.k.a Mythic AK leaked by dataminer ifiremonkey

Although weaker than its predecessor, the heavy assault rifle packs a powerful punch and rewards excellent and precise aiming with devastating damage rates (body shot-44 / head-shot-88). Despite its magazine size of 25, it has a high bloom and low fire rate that don't make it a good spray option. So, an additional smg is still required to accompany those pumps. 

Obtained by defeating Meowscles at the box factory, this weapon is highly used in the Fortnite competitive scene as it is the easiest weapon to get from the list. 

There are no Henchmen around the box factory.

Fun fact- If you sneak on Meowscles at the box factory, you might find him crying as his original home. (The Yacht) was snatched from him.

#4 Skye's Assault Rifle/Mythic Scar 

A photo of Skye
A photo of Skye's Assault Rifle a.k.a Mythic Scar leaked by dataminer ifiremonkey

Scar has been the most iconic gun in Fortnite from the very beginning. 

The Scar, when in the right hands, is not something one would want to go up against. Having a Mythic Scar in Fortnite is like an icing on the cake. 

The Mythic Scar and mythic Grappler drops in a pair after defeating Skye at the Shark. Mythic Scar is a weapon that can work both as an SMG as well as an AR due to its quick reload, high fire rate and severe damage along with a magazine size of 30. Mythic Scar is hands down one of the most powerful guns in Fortnite. 

In the competitive scene, many pro teams contest each other at the Shark to get their hands on this game-determining weapon. The only reason Mythic Scar is on 4th spot is that the upcoming items/weapons in Fortnite outweigh the damage and utility potential of this weapon.

#3 Brutus' Minigun

A photo of Brutus
A photo of Brutus' Minigun leaked by dataminer ifiremonkey.

The pros try to clout and roast each other on social media as a show of dominance. But is the Brutus' Minigun worth such an effort? 

Well, the answer is most definitely yes. The Brutus' Minigun has the highest damage output compared to any other gun in Fortnite. In the competitive scene, the mythic Minigun is considered one of the best weapons. This is so as it allows pros to take down enemies without using many materials, by utilising the enormous spraying potential the gun offers.

During late games, the high ground and a mythic Minigun is a potent combination. Mythic Minigun in Fortnite can be found by defeating the Brutus at the Grotto. The Mythic Minigun, when compared to the standard Minigun, has a very low cool-down (overheat time). Its high rate of fire, with 21 body shot damage, makes it an extraordinary weapon in the right hands.

#2 Skye's Grappler

A photo of Skye
A photo of Skye's Grappler leaked by dataminer ifiremonkey

Grappler was first introduced in Chapter 1 Season 5 of Fortnite. The gun brought new manoeuvers to outplay opponents on the battlefield. It can be used to take the high ground, faster rotation to the zone, save materials, etc. 

Previously the grappler had a limited number of charges, i.e. uses. But the new mythic grappler has an infinite number of charges, with a slightly shorter range when compared to the normal grappler. 

It is prevalent in the competitive scene, and some even consider it the best mythic item in Fortnite. In the endgame of a professional scrim match, it is critical to take and maintain the high ground.

With the help of a mythic grappler in Fortnite, one can easily take the high ground without any wastage of materials. Both Mythic Scar and Mythic Grappler can be obtained in pairs by defeating Skye at the Shark. Due to such a rich reward, it is one of the most contested spots in the Fortnite competitive scene.

#1 Midas' Drum Gun 

A photo of Midas
A photo of Midas' Drum Gun a.k.a Mythic Drum Gun leaked by dataminer ifiremonkey

Drum gun is one of the most notorious guns in Fortnite. 

The high fire rate, high magazine size (50 rounds) along with impressive accuracy makes the Drum gun a mighty gun. The gun was in the centre of a controversy where a part of the community wanted it removed, and the other half wanted it to stay.

Drum Gun is one of the guns in Fortnite that reduces the skill gap and makes it a "spray and pray" meta. Mythic Drum Gun can be obtained by defeating Midas at The Agency. It is like a regular drum gun that is buffed in every single aspect. Mythic Drum Gun can be used to counter turtling which is a big problem in the current meta because it's effortless to get in someone's box due to its fire rate and magazine size.

The gun is available at one of the most alpha locations of the Fortnite map. A lot of players contest for this gun in both competitive and non-competitive lobbies, making it a difficult weapon to obtain.

Published 17 May 2020, 19:46 IST
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