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Red Dead Online: Beta update scheduled for 26th February

Modified 20 Dec 2019, 21:31 IST

Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online

The Beta for Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode for Red Dead Redemption 2, is still rolling right along since its launch last November. Rockstar Games have made plenty of efforts to keep their players up to speed as to what changes they've been making to the system. Whether these changes are to everyone's satisfaction is a different matter, but at least they're trying.

Another round of updates is scheduled for 26th February. And while it doesn't seem to include any actual new content, it does offer some improvements to the overall game.

First off is player visibility - or where and how you appear on the mini-map to other players. The big change is that your character will only be visible on the map when you're within 150 meters from them. That said, if you're slightly further away, you'll be visible if you fire your weapon. This is to prevent players from hunting down others across long distances.

Both Parleys and Feuds are getting an upgrade, with Parleys applying to your attacker's entire posse after just one kill. Concurrently, you can also initiate a Feud - be it regular, Posse, or Leader - after just one kill, essentially turning the skirmish into what Rockstar calls a "timed mini death-match... in Free Roam."

If you're the type to just kill indiscriminately (you know who you are, you psychopaths), you'll have more than just the other online players aiming for the bounty on your head. RDO will also be introducing NPC bounty hunters, meaning you'll have even more people gunning for your head if you decide to be a jerk.

Different crimes will also have different penalties, with some crimes increasing your bounty and others just decreasing your honor level.

Finally, Rockstar will be implementing daily challenges to allow players to gain more gold and XP. Activities range from "foraging for herbs, selling items at a Fence, hunting and skinning animals, clearing hideouts, winning Feuds and so much more."

For full details of the upcoming update, check out the Rockstar Games' blog post here.

Published 13 Feb 2019, 06:37 IST
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