Red Dead Online: How to dual wield? 

(image credits: red dead wiki fandom)
(image credits: red dead wiki fandom)
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Dual Wielding two handguns is possibly the most satisfying aspects of the Red Dead Redemption experience. Nothing feels more empowering than walking into a gunfight or a showdown at noon knowing that your character can wield two handguns at once in Red Dead Online.

While in the Story Mode of Red Dead Redemption II, it is possible to wield two guns at the same time from the start, it requires some work to do the same in Red Dead Online.

To dual wield two handguns in Red Dead Online, players must get their hands on an 'Off-Hand Holster', which can be acquired from Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue.

However, the catch is that the item is only available for purchase after ranking up to level 25. Therefore, the player must put in some work before they can go about John Woo-ing their way through Red Dead Online.

How to dual wield in Red Dead Online?


While the item only becomes available to the player, there is a way to acquire it early in the game to get the upper hand over other players of similar rank in the game.

Players can purchase the Off-Hand Holster for 2 Gold from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue. Players must remember to equip the off-hand holster from the Wardrobe in order to be able to use Dual Wield.

However, players should rank up before purchasing the holster as it is a much more rewarding experience than merely splashing out Gold, which is kind of expensive to come by.

After equipping the Off-Hand Holster, much like in Red Dead Redemption II's Story Mode, players can dual wield using the Weapon Wheel. By simply selecting the space between the two handguns (two arrows pointing upwards), players will be able to wield the two handguns they have.

Note: Players must also purchase a secondary weapon and equip it in the secondary weapon on the wheel.

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