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Red Dead Online: Twitter reacts to Rockstar's "update"

11.84K   //    04 Jan 2019, 11:46 IST

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

While it certainly could have gone worse, the launch of Red Dead Online hasn't exactly gone what you'd call "smoothly." The game opened up with a pretty unbalanced economy, with items costing way too much and jobs paying out way too little.

Fortunately, the studio moved quickly to fix this, not only working to make the economy more balanced but also giving players some in-game spending cash as an apology. Which was pretty cool of them, considering the game is still in beta and these are the types of issues a beta release is supposed to work out.

Lately, however, the big complaint among players has revolved around a perceived lack of new content for the online mode. So, when Rockstar went onto Twitter earlier on Thursday, players were hopeful for an announcement about new stuff to do, get, or see in RDO. Instead, they got this:

Yeah. That annoyed a few people, to say the least.

One fan wondered if Rockstar was neglecting RDO in favor of new stuff for their already proven cash cow, Grand Theft Auto Online.


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Sometimes sarcasm is the only proper response...

Other folks used this opportunity to air their grievances regarding their difficulty staying connected to the RDO servers. Which, to be fair, has been a pretty big problem.

And sometimes, you just need someone to cut through the crap and lay it out on the line. Like this guy.

Red Dead Online is still, technically, in beta, which means it's still undergoing plenty of tweaks and adjustments. Hopefully, Rockstar is taking this feedback to heart and working towards making an experience enjoyable for everyone and not just people that are really into virtual cooking.

Red Dead Online is a part of Red Dead Redemption 2, which is currently available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.