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Red Dead Redemption 2 News: RDR Online players receive cash and gold bars before in-game economy changes

224   //    07 Dec 2018, 06:37 IST

Rockstar has taken some huge steps in fixing the economy of Red Dead Online
Rockstar has taken some huge steps in fixing the economy of Red Dead Online

The online economy of Rockstar's latest hit has been heavily criticized. While it's not exactly difficult to make money in Red Dead Redemption 2, finding cash or gold while online is impressively slow. It takes hours to make a decent amount of money, and days to farm a single gold bar.

At least, that was the issue. Rockstar heard the cries of the fanbase and quickly went to action. The publisher is rolling out some pretty intense changes, increasing the amount of money you earn from missions, selling pelts, etcetera. Prices of weapons have also dropped significantly.

Though, if you already spent your slowly earned cash on a new fancy rifle or another weapon, fear not. Rockstar will give you a refund for the difference on December 10th. However, the big news here is those involved in the beta will receive something special for dealing with the online economy early on.

If you've played the Red Dead Online Beta, or at least play it by midnight PST tonight, Rockstar will send you $250 and 15 gold bars in-game currency. Not only are prices reduced, but you'll have the cash to really get your online run off to a great start.

It's great to see a company admit when their game had issues. To see Rockstar not only take steps to fix Red Dead Online's economy but send out an incredible amount of in-game currency shows how seriously the publisher is taking this project. They don't want to see it abandoned because of a flaw that slipped through the cracks, and they're doing what they can to pay the players back for informing them of the problem in the first place.

Are you playing the Red Dead Online Beta? Did you have an issue with the online economy, and will Rockstar's actions be enough to bring you back to the game if you were driven away initially?

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