Reliving PMCO 2020 India Finals and the journey to the Pro League

PMPL South Asia Team Slots
PMPL South Asia Team Slots

The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 India Finals is finally over and the list of 9 teams who will be playing the PUBG Mobile Pro League this March has been announced. Together with the Indian teams, 6 other teams from South Asia will also be featuring in the tournament.

Team GodLike, the champions of PMCO 2020 India finals displayed nerves of steel and played the patience game by letting others fight it out, and in the end, pounced on to their chances in a 2v2 battle against players from Megastars in the final game of Day 6. The chicken dinner from the game solidified their place on the top.

Big teams like Team Insane, 7Seas and Revenge Esports had an average tournament and their hopes of playing in the much-hyped Pro League 2020 were crushed. Another crowd favorite team Fnatic played low key in Day 1 of the tournament but were able to catch up the following day, registering chicken dinner in Miramar game and coming second in Vikendi.

Meanwhile, Orange Rock remains the most consistent team in the entire tournament, in terms of fragging power and grabbing the placement points. Daljitsk remained their standout player for the team, with 17 kills to his name.

The PMCO also saw underdog teams like Team Tamilas and Celtz coming into the fray. Tamilas were able to wreck havoc in the opening day with their insane fragging skills and will be the ones to look out for in the upcoming Pro League.

MVP of the tournament

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CarryBTC (Team GodLike) - 34 Kills - 5537 Damage

MantyOP (Team Tamilas) - 29 Kills - 6377 Damage

Gill (Team GodLike) - 24 Kills - 5460 Damage

Maxkash (Marcos Gaming) - 23 Kills - 4250 Damage

MrSpray (Team Tamilas) - 22 Kills - 3795 Damage

List of 9 Teams Qualified for PMPL (India Region):

#1 Godlike

#2 Orange Rock

#3 MegaStars

#4 Team Tamilas

#5 Marcos Gaming

#6 Fnatic

#7 UMExRxN

#8 vsgCrawlers

#9 Celtz

List of 6 Teams Qualified for PMPL (South Asia Region):

List of South Asian teams qualified for PMPL 2020
List of South Asian teams qualified for PMPL 2020

#1 Team Hype


#3 Jyanmaara

#4 Deadeyes Guy

#5 Team Xtreme

#6 Elementrix

List of 5 Invited Teams for PMPL:

#1 Entity Gaming

#2 Team SouL

#3 Team IND

#4 SynerGE

#5 Team INS

The date, schedule and venue for the Pro League is yet to be revealed, but it is expected to start on March 12 in New Delhi. The official announcement is awaited.

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