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Review: Super Mega Baseball 2: Ultimate Edition on Switch is more of the same (and that's good)

Super Mega Baseball 2: Ultimate Edition
Super Mega Baseball 2: Ultimate Edition
Modified 26 Jul 2019, 02:05 IST

I've made it no secret that Super Mega Baseball 2 is my favourite baseball game of all time. Not favourite non-MLB licensed baseball game. Not favourite arcade-style baseball game. My favourite baseball game. And before I go into this new Switch version of the game - which includes the previously released DLC, let me tell you why.

I'm never one for a hardcore video simulation of a sport. Nothing against them at all, of course - millions of other people like 'em, and I can see why. I just never got into them. I also like baseball a lot - I'm a big supporter of my hometown Cincinnati Reds - but I find it difficult to keep up with all the games, players, trades, and whatnot. I find it hard to juggle following that with my work here, watching my daughter, being generally lazy.

So, an arcade baseball game that can be played as a sim, but doesn't have to be is super appealing to me. And SMBB2 (I call it that because I guess someone might think I'm talking about Super Mario Brothers 2? Possibly. I dunno) is just that.

A whole league full of fictional players, each carefully designed, playing for teams with distinct names and stadiums. The teams also feature players of both genders because why not? If you want to be a misogynist, go play a baseball game that doesn't have that. Sheesh.

Every aspect of the game, from the pitching, hitting, fielding, base running, etc., they all have very intuitive controls. Developers Metalheads also eliminated some aspects - such as pick-offs on baserunners - to streamline the experience. It might seem weird at first, but you'll find you don't really miss it.

So, I could go on and on, but you get the point. At least, I hope you do.

This Switch version of the game is essentially that same game, with the DLC included, for one low price (you can get this version on other consoles, too, fear not). It's actually pretty satisfying playing the game with two separate JoyCons - there are no motion controls as far as I can tell (I wouldn't use them if it does, to be honest), but the way the controller is set up, it's really just a lot more fun.

There's plenty of online competitive modes and lots of tools to design your own players and teams. So, if you're not really into the teams the game gives you, just make your own, Mr. Picky Pants.

If you love (or even just like) baseball, and you have a Switch, this game is more than worth it. Actually, it's more than worth it on any platform. Go get it.

Published 26 Jul 2019, 02:05 IST
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