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Review: The Order 1886

The wait is over. The first PS4 exclusive game of the year has released. Yes people, “The Order: 1886” is here. Since the release of the ...

Feature 21 Feb 2015, 10:11 IST

The wait is over. The first PS4 exclusive game of the year has released. Yes people, “The Order: 1886” is here. Since the release of the trailer, the game had promised to give what the players what they expected to become one of the best horror survival game. The game however falls short to what was expected. If you like movies and the games which look like movies, for eg, Advanced Warfare, then you should skip “The Order 1886”. The game tries very hard to get a frame rate so clear so that it looks like a movie but at the end the game disappoints. The game is dull, boring and repetitive. It has nothing new to offer from the existing games. If you ask me if you should play this game then I’d say NO! It’s not worth your money and time. 


The game is set in the 18th century London, where a secret sect of Knights keep the city safe from the half-breeds monsters. The half breed monsters are a cross over between a human and an animal. These half breed posed as a threat to the existance of humans and hence a war breaks out between them. In the war, the half breeds have a upper hand for their animal traits. Then centuries later, people of London find a semblance of hope in their new King Arthur and his group pf Knights who take on the fight to the half breeds. And what follows is the game’s story. 

The developers tried too hard in making the story gripping but the truth is that they couldn’t nail it. In most of the parts, the story was so boring that I felt like leaving the game at that instant only. The story is too long and also it takes too much time to get to the real things.


 The game played from the third person perspective. In the game, you play as Sir Galahad, a big mean muscle man who is too hot tempered. You get really cool weapons and armory some of which are pretty cool, but the rest is too lame. If the developers would have taken a little more time and thought what the players would have wanted, then right now I would have been writing good things for “The Order 1886”. It repackages the cover-based shootouts of Gears of War and Uncharted without managing to capture any of the artificial intelligence quirks and level design tricks that made those games so reactive and exciting. The cover system is really really irritating. Everytime you get into a cover and try shooting the enemies from your cover, it looks like a spring motion. Suddenly he comes out of the cover shoots and again jumps back to the cover.

Another big disappointment of the game is the variety of the guns. During the course of the game, you go on modifying the same machine gun, shotguns and rifles. And no matter whatever you do, the guns do not have much impact over the enemies. The only upside are the Napalm, firebomb and the deadly Lighting gun. The story is fully restrictive and too linear. And also if the enemy spots you, then you are instantly dead. The Order is a man-shoot to its core, and it contains almost zero meaningful encounters with monsters or the supernatural. 

Final Verdict:

The big budget game which tried very hard to become a movie fails utterly. The visuals are dull but dark environment which is created is spooky. Some of the tunnels and sewers are actually scary. The only area where the game excels is the amazing voice acting. The characters in the game are brought to life not by the visuals but by the voice actors. Not all, but some of the guns are really cool to play with. The areas where the game really fails are the boring storytelling, dragging gameplay and very little of the elements which could have saved the game, for eg, cool guns and werewolves. The game is pretty short and will take nearly 5 to 6 hours to complete the game. And once you’ve finished, I don’t think you would want to play the game again. 

So my final words? If you are really die hard fan of the PS4 exclusive games or if you have lots and lots of hours to waste, then go for the game! The game is not even close to what I expected. I think that the developers rushed in releasing the game, just like AC: Unity. If they would have taken sometime to think and changed the gameplay a little, the could have been fun! Really really disappointed.

Rating: 5/10

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