Riot unveils new game 'Teamfight Tactics'

Via Riot Games
Via Riot Games

A little while ago rumors flew that Riot is coming up with the new game and now it seems like it's finally coming out. The game is called Teamfight Tactics and will be something similar to Dota Auto Chess.

The idea is to be the last standing player on the map. There will be multiple rounds in a game. At the end of each round, you will get to spend the gold in the store to recruit different champions.

Drafting multiple champions of the same class will grant bonus traits and abilities. There are three tiers for every champion. Initially, you can buy 1-star champions from the store. Combine three of the same champion to upgrade it to 2 stars(super). Combine further three of the same champion to upgrade it to 3-stars(ultimate).

In this game, you don't control the movement, spells or anything in combat. It works automatically. However, like League of Legends you have to choose the team comp carefully.

The players who are behind will have an option to make comeback with occasional special events during the mid-game. The player who is in the last position will have the opportunity to draft first. Deal damage and win team fight to outlast the enemies.

Little Legends are joining the game. These are little avatars that will be your profile Picture. They will also be used as emote,animation and will dance to cheer you up. You can choose a free Little Legend and the rest of them will cost 750RP(NA) each.

This Little Legends will also cheer you in the side lines of Howling Abyss. Furthermore you can get different variant of same little Legend. You can purchase lucky egg for 490RP(NA) which will drop variants of already owned little Legends. Much like champions you can upgrade the Little Legends by dropping them from Lucky Egg.

The game is expected to hit PBE servers very soon.

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