After 8 years, Dead Island 2 is rumored to be alive and could see a release in 2022

Dead Island 2 is alive and kicking (Image via Deep Silver)
Dead Island 2 is alive and kicking (Image via Deep Silver)

In an exciting turn of events, insider information suggests that Dead Island 2 is not dead by any means and is alive and kicking. Dead Island was released more than a decade ago, and following its success, it was decided that there would be a sequel.

But what has followed since its announcement has been a series of failed projects and outgoing studio houses. The project is under Deep Silver's in-house studio, Dambuster. That was all the news in 2019 and since then, news and information about the game dried up.

Fans will be delighted to learn that a fresh set of insider information has hinted at the fact that Dead Island 2 is indeed happening. Furthermore, the state of development is in a favorable condition as per additional information, and there could be a chance for an announcement very soon.

Industry insider confirms development of Dead Island 2

If reliable industry insider Tom Henderson is believed, Dead Island 2 is in a good place. Via his YouTube channel, Tom also mentioned the potential backdrop of the entire game. It has long been rumored and partially confirmed that the main game will be set in Los Angeles.

According to Tom, players will find themselves on an airplane where a zombie outbreak occurs. The aircraft will crash, but the players will be able to survive. Although it's not confirmed, the spot for all the action could be Beverly Hills. Players will have their hands full as they will have to find weapons to survive an ever-increasing zombie horde.


Players will then have to explore the area, and there's also a chance for players to meet other characters in the game. Additionally, there are chances for expansive Beverly Hills and Hollywood areas to feature.

Most importantly, the most substantial rumors are that the game is being actively developed, and there could be some form of announcements very soon with a potential new trailer.

When can Dead Island 2 potentially release?


Given the troubled past of the game, it's a miracle that the game's development has continued. Unfortunately, however, there hasn't been any official confirmation from Deep Silver. But Tom, who is usually very reliable about such information, has informed about the game's continued development.

There could be a chance for the game to come out in 2022 towards the end of the year. But if there are some hindrances in development, the release could be delayed until the first quarter of 2023. However, it will be an exciting set of months to come for fans who have been desperately waiting for the game since 2014.

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