Bethesda job application spawns rumors for potential Starfield mobile game

The anticipated sci-fi RPG is coming out in a little over six months from this writing (Image via Bethesda)
The anticipated sci-fi RPG is coming out in a little over six months from this writing (Image via Bethesda)

Starfield is roughly six months away from its release. A recent online job application put forward by Bethesda Game Studios for a senior artist role has sparked a conversation among fans about what this might entail.

In video game industry-related news, job application postings are often an excellent resource for finding crucial information about upcoming things from a studio. It often helps to unearth info about new projects without waiting for updates from the official channel.

The recent job listing by Bethesda Game Studios could hint at a wide array of possibilities. This job could be for a mobile game accompanying the Starfield release, as claimed by some fans.

Other than Starfield, Bethesda’s job application might also be for the development of future titles

While a Starfield-themed mobile game surely lies within the realm of possibilities, this listing might hint at a plethora of other things.

The fallout-themed free-to-play mobile game Fallout Shelter came out a few months before Fallout 4. Bethesda also has an Elder Scrolls spinoff mobile game, TES: Blades, among their repertoire.

The job listing being posted a little over six months before the release of Starfield poses a similar possibility that a mobile game themed on Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG might be accompanying the release of the full title.

Many AAA titles in the past have shown the trend of releasing mobile companion apps for their PC and console titles. Techland’s mobile companion app for Dying Light is a good example.

The job listing could mean that Bethesda is hiring for their upcoming Elder Scrolls title, TESVI, or their rumored new IP, Spyteam. Nothing is off the charts, as the job listing is quite vague regarding the project they are recruiting for.

Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June will bring out more details about Starfield

Microsoft recently announced that Xbox and Bethesda have a showcase planned for June this year. Certainly, substantive details about their upcoming sci-fi RPG will come out at the event, with its scheduled release only five months away.

Fans are also hyped to see more details about The Elder Scrolls VI. The only thing known about the game is that it is in development in Bethesda and will be using Creation Engine 2.