Honkai Star Rail leak hints at Yukong coming as the first 4-star Imaginary character

Yukong could be one of the best 4-star characters in Honkai Star Rail (Image via MiHoYo)
Yukong could be one of the best 4-star characters in Honkai Star Rail (Image via MiHoYo)

Honkai Star Rail players may soon have the first 4-star Imaginary character in the form of Yukong, if the latest rumors are to be believed. Content specialist HSR_Stuff posted some screenshots on their Twitter account, highlighting her possible kit. If the leaked information turns out to be true, she could become a formidable option for players. It is already rumored that she will be available in the 1.1 update unless MiHoYo changes its launch schedule.

She will join Luocha and Silver Wolf, two 5-star characters who are expected to go live with version 1.1. While the duo will likely have a combined highlight banner, Yukong could be the featured 4-star on it. If her leaked kit turns out to be true, she could be a really strong character to add.

Yukong could be one of the best 4-star characters in Honkai Star Rail

In general, 4-star characters have shone so far in Honkai Star Rail. While the 5-star characters have their strengths, they’re also quite hard to get from banners. This makes it mandatory for players to use the more commonly available 4-star offerings.

So far, the Imaginary element has had a shortage of them, which could make Yukong stand out. Going through her leaked kit, she’ll be an outright support character. She seems to have different ways to provide buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies.

Her skill will increase the attack of all teammates, and it becomes particularly dangerous when combined with her Ultimate, which raises the crit rate of the entire team.

Similarly, using her to enter a battle will weaken the type weakness of that enemy. This makes it very advantageous to have her on any lineup. Moreover, she can give strong competition to Bronya and Tingyun to become the best support characters in the game.


Players should note that the actual in-game stats and kit in Honkai Star Rail could be different. The information stated here is unofficial and based on the earlier beta tests. Since then, it’s quite likely that MiHoYo may have tweaked some of Yukong’s moves to preserve the overall balance in game.

Players have long asked for a new Imaginary character, and Yukong could be a great strategic fit in many squads.

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