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Second DLC for Evil Within to be released in April

Second DLC for Evil Within to be released in April

News 25 Mar 2015, 18:17 IST
The Evil Within second DLC to release in April

Post the February release of The Assignment which was the first DLC for Evil Within Bethesda have now announced that the next DLC for the game rightly named The Consequence will be released on 21st April (courtesy PCGamer). The previous DLC of the game (Assignment) illustrated the story of Detective Juli Kidman, her eventful journey in which she uncovers the truth regarding her connection with Mobius.

Publisher Bethesda are all “hush-hush” and don’t intend to reveal much about the upcoming DLC.They reason their action by explaining that it's too soon considering that it has been couple of weeks since The Assignment was released.

Instead they have chosen to give  "a brief teaser of the madness Kidman will soon encounter," the teaser is only 19 seconds long and doesnt feature much content. What we can see in this short period of time is Kidman walking towards a town called Paranoia, and an actual oncoming train.

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