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Shelter 2 is now available for PC, Mac and Linux

Might and Delight’s open world survival title, Shelter 2, is now available for purchase.

News 11 Mar 2015, 06:09 IST
Shelter 2 is now available for  PC, Linux and Mac systems

Might and Delight’s open world survival title, Shelter 2, is now available for purchase. The game is a sequel to 2013’s ‘Shelter’ and launched on March 9th after a long delay. Shelter 2 is a unique game that pits players in the role of a mother lynx. The previous title had players take on the role a badger. In Shelter 2, players start off as a pregnant lynx that is tasked with preparing a den for her cubs.

Players will have to nurture, feed and protect the cubs it once they are born. Cubs that survive will be playable as the next generation of the family tree. All of this includes killing prey and feeding your cubs, instructing them to drink from the river, and making sure they get back to the family den by nightfall.

It is important to note that changing seasons will affect food and water availability, which in turn might make survival a bit more difficult.

Shelter 2 is also not a direct sequel of Shelter. However, the game includes many new features, as well as new types of movements, more prey, and a larger open world. Here's what developers, Might, and Delight, had to say about their newest title:

“Shelter 2 is an experience that does not aim to give players all the answers. Both the story and the “purpose” of the game is meant to be interpreted by each person playing it. There is no right or wrong, and just like the first Shelter, one cannot “fail” by common definition. We have tried to create a game close to the simplicity of nature. Right now we are happy, tired, and very excited to see how players find the experience.”

Shelter 2 can be purchased on Steam, GoG, and the Humble Store. The game is available for the PC, Linux and Mac systems. You can check out the release trailer for the title below:

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