Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One trailer revealed at IGN Expo

The next title for the Sherlock Holmes franchise received a cinematic trailer at IGN Expo (Image via Frogwares)
The next title for the Sherlock Holmes franchise received a cinematic trailer at IGN Expo (Image via Frogwares)

In today’s IGN Expo live stream, the all-time favorite British detective, Sherlock Holmes, made a stylish comeback as the trailer for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One game was revealed.


The Sherlock Holmes franchise has witnessed some of the best detective games ever made. One of the most prominent is Frogwares’ previous title based on the vintage British detective, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments.

After leaving their mark on the new generation of detective games, keeping the old-fashioned art style intact, Frogwares is coming with their next title, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

Frogwares has been in the business of making Sherlock Holmes games for quite a while. While they either turn out to be a massive hit, sometimes they fall short. That leaves questions in the minds of Sherlock Holmes fans, whether or not Chapter One will turn out to be a success.

What to expect from Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One?

As the IGN Expo kicked off with some of the greatest in-line title features, one of them caught the eyes of the detective genre fans.

Among all the features, the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One trailer revealed a new and refined look that sets the title apart from the previous ones in the Sherlock Holmes franchise.


The trailer depicts a much younger version of Sherlock Holmes, not to mention his increased amounts of cockiness as well. The game sees the backdrop of a Mediterranean-inspired island where the detective analyzes various clues.

At first look, it seems like Frogwares is looking to iterate an open-world design based on the Lovecraftian genre of The Sinking City.

Recently, the murder mystery genre has seen good promise via games like Disco Elysium, The Sinking City, Paradise Killer, Return of the Obra Dinn, etc. This marks the best time for Frogwares to come out with Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One.

While the last time the company created a stylish character design for Sherlock Holmes is The Devil’s Daughter, the game did not live up to its name and failed quite miserably. Now, as the detective genre is seeing such promise, a well-designed iteration of the master detective in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One can take the industry by storm and mark it as one of the best.

As the game’s early build will be handed out next week, fans hope for an incredible experience in the wake of the E3 2021 as Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is set to release this year.

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