Should omnivamp in League of Legends be nerfed?

Image via Dextro
Image via Dextro

League of Legends brought back a long-awaited form of life leeching in omnivamp for season 11.

Omnivamp is an item/rune characteristic that allows the user to heal for a percentage of any damage they deal. The new mechanic has drastically increased the ability of certain champions to self heal ridiculous amounts of health in short periods of time.

This change has rendered enchanter type supports in League of Legends to be virtually useless.

Why is omnivamp even in League of Legends?

Omnivamp was introduced to help League of Legends junglers who struggled early. Both jungle starting items have 10% ominvamp vs monsters tacked onto their stat lines, which greatly aids junglers with no self healing built into their kit. This change opened up a vast and fun jungle pool for players to try new things out.

Omnivamp was then put onto some other items as well. Currently, omnivamp is on two mythic items, one legendary item, one component item, one starting item, and can be generated through the Ravenous Healing rune in the domination tree.

The ability to heal off of all damage sources (reduced for AOE ability) is something that League of Legends champions like Akali, Aatrox, and Swain love to take advantage of. The healing on top of high damage output makes them nearly impossible to kill.

What kind of healing can omnivamp generate?

Omnivamps healing capabilities are not limited. Champions can heal of physical, magic, and true damage proportionate to the percentage of omnivamp they have. The only limitation is placed on damage dealt by AOE abilities or pets, which reduces the effectiveness to 33%.

If a player was to build the mythic item Eclipse, the legendary item Ravenous Hydra, still have their Doran's Blade, and have a fully stacked ravenous hunter rune, they would end up with 38.5% omnivamp. This means that if they dealt 1000 single target damage, they would heal for 385 health.

This kind of healing on champions, who can pump out tons of damage on low cooldown, is absurd. Even though healing reduction and grievous wounds were buffed and made more accessible, omnivamp has created some unhealthy healing in League of Legends.


Should omnivamp be nerfed?

To truly balance the ability of some champions to heal ridiculous amounts, omnivamp should be separated like it used to be with spell vamp and life steal. While life steal still exists, spell vamp in League of Legends was abolished a long time ago. It gave mages like Swain and Ryze a different identity.

The division of spell vamp and life steal will help prevent champions like Akali and Kayle, who deal mixed damage, to have to choose between building AD or AP. Omnivamp does have a place though.

Omnivamp should definitely stay on the jungle items and be effective vs monsters. This leads to a healthier League of Legends meta with more diverse junglers being viable.

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