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Stonehearth gets new Alpha 7.0 patch

14 Jan 2015, 03:18 IST
Stonehearth gets new Alpha 7.0 patch
The game has a new patch with loads of new content

The animated game that provides us with the innocent joy of creating our own town in the fictional world, Stonehearth is very popular among gamers these days. If Stonehearth is one of your favorite games then you will be delighted to know that the makers are adding new fresh content to the game to make the “town building” experience more enjoyable for you. The content and updates for the game comes in the new patch named “Alpha 7.0” which is available with the purchase of the game (on Steam).

Lot of new options at the players disposal now

The players can transform the villagers in the game into shepherds and masons, along with this, players can experiment with new ways of attaining materials from the shepherds and also work on collecting new “Inventive” items  like charming birdbaths or slightly creepy gargoyles that will be can be placed around their towns.

Coming to the mining venture of the game, it will prove to be an unexpected pleasure that can allow villagers to move into deep underground “man-made” caverns. The game will also provide a good underground view for the players using the slice and the x-ray camera modes. 

Although the game has undergone its first set of Bug-Testing after the first beta for the game had been started last week. The developers want to draw the players attention to the reality that the game still might have some glitches also that all their cards are not on the table yet, they intend to add a lot of content to the existing lot.

The game is available on Steam and players who buy the alpha will receive the final game and it all its updates for free.

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