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Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Tournament pairings announced

Street Fighter V Capcom Cup Tournament's fixtures have been announced, as we take a look at the pairings.

News 30 Nov 2017, 16:55 IST

Street Fighter V is being played on PS4.
Street Fighter V is being played on PS4.

The Capcom Cup is Street Fighter V's biggest tournament of the year that features regional champions, last year's Capcom Cup Champion (Team Liquid's NuckleDu) and the top point earners throughout the season.

A last-chance qualifier is held at the first day of the tournament to determine the last entry. The 32-player double elimination bracket has been released. Here are the matchups with seeding, sponsor and how they qualified. The matches are listed in the order in which they would play out.

(1) Punk (Panda Global) (USA) (NA Regional Champion) vs (32) Last Chance Qualifier Winner

(16) Daigo Umehara (Hyper X, CyberGames Beast) (Japan) (#17 in points) vs (17) Brolyinho (F3) (Brazil) (#18 in points)

(8) Kazunoko (GGP) (Japan) (#9 in points) vs (25) Big Bird (NASR) (UAE) (#26 in points)

(9) Xian (Razor) (Singapore) (#10 in points) vs (24) MenaRD (Rise) (USA) (#25 in points)

(4) Haitani (Grapht) (Japan) (#9 in points) vs (29) Sako (SCARZ) (Japan) (#30 in points)

(13) Justin Wong (Echo Fox) (USA) (#14 in points) vs (20) Moke (Ponos) (Japan) (#21 in points)

(12) Itabashi Zangief (Detonation FocusMe) (Japan) (#13 in points) vs (21) Phenom (BX3) (Norway) (#22 in points)

(5) Problem X (Mousesports) (UK) (European Regional Champion) vs (28) 801 Strider (Allegiance)(USA) (#29 in points)

(2) Tokido (Echo Fox) (Japan) (Asia/Oceania Regional Champion) vs (31) Ricki Ortiz (Evil Geniuses) (USA) (Capcom Cup 2016 Runner-up) *Ricki Ortiz acquired NuckleDu's spot after NuckleDu became unable to attend.

(15) Gachikun (Japan) (#16 in points) vs (18) Go1 (CO) (Japan) (#19 in points)

(10) Bonchan (Redbull) (Japan) (#11 in points) vs (23) Smug (Rise) (USA) (#24 in points)

(7) Fuudo (Grapht) (Japan) (#8 in points) vs (26) Momochi (Echo Fox) (Japan) (#27 in points)

(3) Yukadon (YouDeal) (Japan) (#4 in points) vs (30) DidimoKOF (AAG) (Brazil) (Latin American Champion)

(14) Oil King (Zowie) (Chinese Taipei) (#15 in points) vs (19) Snake Eyes (CyberGames Beast) (USA) (#20 in points)

(6) Dogura (CO) (Japan) (#7 in points) vs (27) Luffy (Method/RedBull) (France) (#28 in points)

(11) Verloren (GFuel) (Korea Republic) (#12 in points) vs (22) Mago (Japan) (#23 in points)

The tournament is held on December 8-10 from Anaheim, California, USA. Entrants and matches are subject to change in case of last-minute dropouts.

Last Chance Qualifiers are on December 8 and the Capcom Cup tournament start December 9 are both open for all to attend at the Anaheim Hilton, free of cost.

Meanwhile, the Capcom Cup Top 8 starts on December 10 at the PlayStation Xperience at the Aanheim Convention Center.

All matches will be streamed on Capcom Pro Tour's Twitch Channel.

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