Struggling to find a budget Graphics card? GTX 1660TI is here

GTX 1660TI
GTX 1660TI
Kuldeep Thapa

In mid-2018 Nvidia released the next generation of their Graphic cards. The RTX series which comes with ray tracing really shook the market. Every card of the series was widely appreciated however the price of the cards really disappointed many people. This was the reason many decided not the buy the RTX cards even though they were doing fantastic performance wise. This also saw the rise of AMD cards since they are way cheaper and similar in performance.

Nvidia has now come ahead and released a bunch of new cards in the GTX series. GTX series is considered as one of the best GPU lines of all time. However, with time, many new cards have overtaken them. The GTX 1060 card was the trademark for budget pc gaming. It was cheap comparatively and a top-notch performer. Due to games being very GPU intensive nowadays the card has started to fall significantly.

Fans have been demanding for a new budget gaming GPU and now Nvidia has finally come up with their budget cards. the new 1660 TI card is her in the GTX line. The card is priced around $280 and promises top-notch gaming for budget gamers.

Nvidia has promised that the game will give the best gaming experience when you play on 1080p. Most of the current games will give upwards of 60+ fps even if you crank the higher settings. Regarding multiplayer games, Nvidia has promised that the card has the potential to run on 120 fps. This includes popular titles like PUBG, Fortnite and the newly released Apex Legends. It has the potential to run on 2K but it will best run on 1080p settings.

The card seems a straight upgrade on GTX 1060 and will deliver 1.5x the performance. There are different variant available of the cards which are all priced around the same cost.

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