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Super Smash Bros news: Banjo & Kazooie out today; Terry Bogard added as DLC

Greg Bush
05 Sep 2019, 06:00 IST

The Legendary Wolf has arrived
The Legendary Wolf has arrived

The latest installment of Super Smash Bros. has definitely delivered when it comes to guest characters for the series.

Prior to the game's release, fans were already ecstatic for the likes of Ridley and King K. Rool, two baddies that the community has been begging for since Brawl. Add Simon, Richter, Isabelle, and Incineroar to the mix, and the series has picked up a good handful of fresh characters, giving players a wide range of 69 characters to choose from.

Since its release, we've also seen three DLC characters added. Piranha Plant grew on the fan base, but what really excited everyone was the announcement and release of Persona 5's Joker.

Following that, Dragon Quest's Hero and a certain legendary platforming duo known as Banjo & Kazooie were announced back at E3, wowing the fanbase yet again by bringing in a favorite they never thought would actually be added.

That's a move with which Nintendo has become synonymous. With Super Smash Bros. 4, gamers around the world were stunned by the addition of Ryu, Cloud Strife and Bayoneta. That trend continued today during the latest Nintendo Direct, with Masahiro Sakurai revealing that Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury franchise would be joining the fight.

We didn't get much from Terry, though we did get to see his Power Wave and Burn Knuckle in the brief glimpses that were offered. Fatal Fury is now the second fighting game series to join up with Smash, the first being Street Fighter.

Ryo Sakazaki, Joe Higashi and other characters from the series also appeared in the trailer, giving some hope that we may see more of them in Smash down the line.


As far as Banjo & Kazooie is concerned, it was also revealed that the fourth DLC character would be added to Smash Ultimate today. With Hero dropping so recently, this came as quite a shock.

For those of you that have been waiting patiently for the bear-bird tandem, your wait is finally over.

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