Super Smash Bros. Pros accused of Sexual Misconduct

(Image Credit: Nintendo)
(Image Credit: Nintendo)

In the midst of a sexual abuse scandal which is shaking up the fighting game community as a whole, multiple Super Smash Bros. pro players have been accused of sexual misconduct. Famous Smash players like Nairo, D1, Keitaro, and Cinnpie have all been implicated in sexual misconduct allegations, many involving people who were underage at the time.

Perhaps most shocking is the sheer number of abusers revealed in such a short period of time.

Cinnpie - Accused of sex with a minor

Cinnpie’s talent was her ability to work as a commentator at major and national in addition to placing well in a few duos tournaments. However, shortly following her being accused, 2GGaming (prominent Smash tournament organization committee) banned Cinnpie from being at or working for any of their events in the future. Additionally, 2GGaming put out a statement saying that they plan to revise how they organize their tournament with regards to the presence of alcohol and requirement of parental consent, which will be announced at a later date.

D’Ron “D1” Maingrette - Accused of rape

D1 is a Smash player turned commentator who has been chosen to live cast games in the most recent version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He was accused of raping a person who did not have the ability to give consent. Following the accusation, he put out a statement claiming that he had no recollection of the event, however this was refuted by someone whom he had spoken about it in 2016 with. Like Cinnpie, Smash organizer 2GGaming has banned him from appearing at any of their future events.

Keitaro - Accused of sex with a minor

Keitaro is reportedly close friends with Nairo, another recently accused person, and was known for his frequent entries into Super Smash Bros. tournaments across the game’s life. After being accused, he put out a statement confessing to the accusations and later mentioning that everything that happened was his fault. Like the previously accused people, Keitaro has also been banned from Smash events.

Nairo - Accused of sex with a minor

Nairo was known for his performance in Smash tournaments, placing highly and even winning multiple tournaments spanning a decade. His frequent performance turned him into a public figure within the Smash community, making the revelation of his sexual abuse of a minor a big hit for fans of competitive Smash Bros. Following the accusation, Nairo published an apology, his sponsor dropped him from their roster, and his presence has been banned from Smash events.

Sexual Abuse Scandals Sweep the Smash Bros. Community

When hearing of the accounts of sexual abuse it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, it can often be difficult for victims of sexual abuse to come forward following their abuse, especially if their abuser is a powerful or well known figure within their community. Additionally, regardless of who they were to whatever community they were a part of, every community will be better with fewer sexual abusers.

Lastly, abuse like this can not be perpetrated alone, it requires the silence and protection of others in order for it to go on as long as it does. If you are a member of the Fighting Game Community, or any community dealing with these kinds of scandals, it can be important to reflect on your own silence and whether or not your actions could have enabled these people.

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