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SypherPK facing major backlash over Fortnite 'Skill-based Matchmaking' controversy

Modified 14 May 2020

SypherPK is a popular Fortnite Youtuber / Streamer who has been facing severe backlash after voicing his opinions over the 'Fortnite Skill-based matchmaking' debate.

Let's talk about SypherPK for a while before we jump into why he has been caught up in the Fortnite community turmoil. One of the most thoughtful contributions from Sypher came in the form of a Youtube video titled, 'We need to talk about Fortnite'.

The video caught the attention of many people, including other popular Youtubers, who agreed with the issues that SypherPK pointed out. 

SypherPK voiced his opinion on why Fortnite was losing its player base. Issues like developer-community communication, lack of content in-game and Fortnite slowly turning into an advertisement machine were all brought up. 

This ought to give us an understanding of how the streamer only wants the Fortnite game to head in a direction of growth. 

In another of his recent videos, Sypher claimed that Fortnite developers took notice of his earlier video and changed a few elements in the game to provide a better gaming experience. One of the biggest in-game changes in Fornite was the removal of skill-based matchmaking from Fortnite Squads mode.

In the same video, Sypher went on to say that following the removal of skill-based matchmaking, the casual lobbies offer more room from a content creator's perspective. But at the same time, these new lobbies have an excessive number of AI's or Fortnite bots (not real players).

The streamer further stated that toning down the number of AI's in lobbies with high-skilled players would benefit Fortnite better, while leaving the bots for new players trying to get a hang of the game.


Sypher opined that he supports SBMM removal from Fortnite and sees it as a tool that would potentially bring both new and old players into the game.

However, the Twitter Fortnite community seems to be blaming SypherPK for the 're-introduction of 'skill-based matchmaking' after its removal from the game.

In the ensuing chaos, the Youtuber decided to clear things up. He rolled out a video reinforcing his stance that he was never in support of SBMM in the first place and his suggestions were directed towards a different issue altogether. 

Sypher rolled out a full-fledged video over the Fortnite skill-based matchmaking debate to explain his perspective. 


Is skill-based matchmaking still in Fortnite?

There has been no official announcement over whether SBMM has been removed from the squads playlist.

However, Fortnite players from around the world claim to have noticed substantial changes in players' 'skill levels' in Fortnite, which could be a pointer towards the controversial SBMM being tweaked again.

Published 12 May 2020, 20:33 IST
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