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TFT: 3 Team compositions that you can try as a beginner

Kuldeep Thapa
11 Jul 2019, 06:36 IST

Via Riot Games
Via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is one of the most popular games right now. Since its release, TFT is pretty much in the top two most-watched games in Twitch.

It is certainly fun but as a beginner, things can be quite frustrating at times. One problem that majority of the beginners face is drafting the right team composition. Although the team composition is dependent on the characters you are dealt, one can always look for alternate ways.

Here are 3 team compositions that can be tried if you are just starting out with the game. These teams are easy to build and are very effective at the same time.

Wild/Shapeshifter/Hyper Carry

This composition basically revolves around setting up a beefy frontline along with a hyper carry dealing with all the damage.

Wild champions are pretty easy to get in the early stages. Warwick and Nidalee are both categorized as Wild and cost 1 gold each. They are good in the early stages and are easy to build around.

The core of the compostion is 4 wild champions along with a shapeshifter. You can get champions like Ahri, Rengar to complete the early wild composition. Pick a primary carry such as Vayne or Tristana and stack them with items. These can be later replaced by more rare units such as Gnar (Shape Shifter, Wild), Cho'Gath (Wild, Brawler) and Draven (Blademaster, imperial) as a hyper carry. You can also put in Aurelian Sol for the dragon combination with Shyvana.


Noble composition is pretty easy to get with Vayne, Fiora, and Garen all being 1 gold unit. You can combine these three along with a Darius or Mordekaiser (both are Knights) for the early game.

In the middle of the game, you wanna look for Ashe and Sejuani to go with your original team. This should proc 4 synergies in theory which includes Ranger, Knight, Glacial, and Noble.

Start building towards noble during the latter part of the game which includes adding Leona and Kayle.


The key is Kayle, since she is a 5 gold unit and hard top get. If you manage to get her, that pretty much shifts the tide in your favour.

But if you dont, keep the mixed synergies and you are good to go.

Void/ Assasins

The idea is to demolish the backline of the enemy teams at the begining of the fight. This is definetly a difficult composition to build but is very effective.

Pyke is one of the best champions in the game as his ability allows him to stun multiple people.

Kassadin, Khazix and Rengar are pretty easy to find early game so the synergies are very easy to proc.

You can later opt for Akali and stack her along with Cho'Gath for a frontline. This comp is very fun to excute and if done correctly can cause havoc.

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