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TFT: Hits and misses in the game right now

Kuldeep Thapa
145   //    23 Jul 2019, 06:09 IST

Via Riot Games
Via Riot Games

TFT 9.14 patch is out on the live servers which includes the new ranked mode. People have been playing the game mode a lot which clearly justifies its viewership on Twitch. Since the patch is relatively new here are the best and worst things right now in the game-

#1 The latest champion addition, Twisted Fate, seems very underwhelming. The two gold Unit is categorized as Pirate and Sorcerer. His ability allows him to proc one of three random buffs. This includes deal damage to an enemy, Stun an enemy or regenerate mana for the Units around him. He seems subpar and doesn't provide much.

Both Pirate and Sorcerer are in a strong state right now, so it's better to go with other Units.

#2 Assasins are by far one of the most used team composition right now. It's also one of the most frustrating ones to play against. There aren't many counters available right now, but one has surfaced right now.

The idea is to go with Volibear as your primary damage dealer and build a team around Brawlers.

One item that is a must in this composition is Rapid Fire cannon which allows Volibear to affect everyone while he is using his ultimate. You can also give him items like Dragon Claw, Rageblade or Zeke's Herald.

Since Brawlers are not popular right now, you can easily get them on the reel. You can start with Warwick and Blitzcrank and then add champions like Rek'Sai and Cho'Gath to the table. Not only you will deal a lot of damage with Volibear you are very tanky with the additional health from Brawler's buff.

#3 Locket of Solari was one of the most busted items in this patch before it was hotfixed. Now instead of giving nearby allies a 300 points shield it gives 200. It's still decent and in no way underwhelming.