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TFT News: Team Fight Tactics is now available on PBE

Kuldeep Thapa
268   //    19 Jun 2019, 22:14 IST

Via RiotGames
Via RiotGames

Team Fight Tactics is Riot's latest venture which is now available on the PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers. Those who are unaware of Team Fight Tactics it's an auto battler game similar to DOTA's Autochess.

The game is now up on PBE servers and those who are interested can try out the new game there. There are still adjustments to be made before the final draft. Players can give feedback to Riot regarding the game which is a very good thing moving forward.

Keep in mind you need a PBE account to play TFT. PBE stands for Public Beta Environment which basically means it's a test server. Every form of update or change that will occur in live servers will first arrive on PBE servers for testing. To acquire a PBE account you must be at least honor level 3 in League of Legends. Another thing to keep in mind is that the honor level refreshes every year so if you haven't played the game this year you will miss on PBE.

Team Fight Tactics can be quite confusing at the start since the genre is so new. If you have confusions regarding the game or want to have a closer look at all the available champions and their abilities you can head over to a fan-made website. The website explains how the game works, different classes and origins and how the gold system in the game.

DOTA chess became an instant hit after its release. It started as a mod for the game but quickly branched out into its dedicated platform. TFT will be looking to achieve something similar with its release. Unlike AutoChess TFT won't be available on mobile devices as of now. Although there is a chance it may come to mobile platform in future.

The game is expected to hit live servers in patch 9.13 if everything goes according to the plan.