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The 5 Best Roguelike Games 

Gautam Nath
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Roguelike video games are some of my favourite types of games. In almost every Roguelike game, the game starts off very simple and gets progressively harder with each stage. Before going to each stage, players usually have items or enchantments that can help to make them more powerful.

Most Roguelike games don't have a checkpoint or a means to save your game. The norm is usually having to restart from the beginning of the game and go back to the stage you fought in.

Sounds frustrating right? It's actually not. Going to higher levels especially for the first time allows you to rethink your strategy and you will know better what to prepare for. You can choose different items and gears to blend with your strategy and decide how to go forward.

The term "Roguelike" came from a 1980 game called Rogue. It was designed for the earlier models of the Macintosh, Atari, DOS, Unix and a few more obscure operating systems which are defunct today.

The concept of permadeath and allowing players to upgrade themselves to be more powerful was first seen in Rogue. Hence the name "Roguelike" was coined which inspired some really great games we have today.

Here are 5 of the best Roguelike games which you have to play.

#5. The Binding of Isaac

Released: 28 September 2011

Available On: PC


The Binding of Isaac is an 8 year old roguelike game which has received consistent amount of content updates in it's long life. It was deemed one of the best roguelike games to come out in this decade.

The roguelike nature allows for many repeated playthroughs of the game. The game also has 13 different endings that can happen if you follow the plot. It's still a really active game despite being nearly a decade old!

Players can gain power ups to help them with harder levels. You can also unlock characters as you progress through the game.

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