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The art of winning as an Imposter in Among Us

How to be a better Imposter on Among Us
How to be a better Imposter n Among Us
Tee Kay
Modified 14 Oct 2020, 20:12 IST

Among Us is a game that has recently taken social media by storm. Originally released on 15th June 2018, this game became truly popular this year after its colossal eruption online.

There are two sides when playing Among Us. You can either be the innocent Crewmate, trying to complete your task, or the treacherous Imposter, with murder and sabotage on your mind.

How to be better at getting away with murder in Among Us?

It is tough to guide anyone in a game that requires no particular mechanical skill or understanding of deep gameplay mechanics to get better at.

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However, your entire gameplay as an Imposter depends on your manipulation skills and doing your dirty work without getting detected.

Image Credits: MJ Teee
Image Credits: MJ Teee

That being said, there are still a few aspects that might help you become a better Imposter in Among Us. These include:

  • Making sure you have an alibi. However, ensure that you don't try to fake a common task not assigned in that specific round. Observing other Crewmates can help in not making this mistake.
  • Among Us allows up to three imposters in a game of four to ten people. You must have a good understanding with the other Imposter(s) without bringing up the fact about who the Imposter is in the audio chat.
  • Make sure to have a good understanding as to who are the sharp Crewmates and set your priorities to murder accordingly. Killing off the Crewmate who is more likely to catch you gives you a significant advantage over the others.
  • Have a proper understanding of the maps as well as the vent routes. It is also essential to keep a lookout when going in or out of vents to avoid getting caught.
  • You must understand the use of sabotage and how each sabotage can direct Crewmates towards a certain direction of the ship.
  • When necessary, you have to use the report option to direct blame towards others or even frame someone.

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Published 14 Oct 2020, 20:12 IST
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