Best Pokemon Main Series Games of all time

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Gautam Nath

Pokemon is one of the highest-selling video game series of all time. It has been almost 24 years since the series started and they have been a huge part of people's childhoods and even adulthood during this time.

Besides Mario, Pokemon games have been one of the main reasons why Nintendo consoles have been selling so well. The games first came out for the Gameboy and transitioned into every console so far and they will continue on in the future.

But how do they rank and how have they performed over the years? Here is a list of the best Pokemon games of all time from the main series.

#6. Pokemon Black and White

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Pokemon Black and White was the 5th Generation of Pokemon games, released for the Nintendo DS. The region introduced the Unova region with a ton of new original Pokemon. The games were an innovative take on the Pokemon games since Generation 4 only introduced new evolutions and lacked originality.

Pokemon Black and White also received sequels, Black 2 and White 2 which are on par with these games. Black and White also features a great original story and a threatening villain team, some of whom you could sympathize with.

#5. Pokemon Sword and Shield

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The latest entry and the 8th generation of games, Pokemon Sword and Shield makes it into the list. The games feature the best graphic updates ever seen in any Pokemon game so far. Set in the Galar region, this is the first main series entry for the Nintendo Switch.

Sword and Shield have introduced some new mechanics to the Pokemon games as well and it fully takes advantage of the power of the Nintendo Switch console. There is also going to be an Expansion Pass, which is pretty much a DLC for the games and the first of it's kind.

Although the game fell behind on the number of Pokemon available and on the difficulty, Sword and Shield still proves to be a really fun game.

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