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The Division 2 Private Beta Impressions: The Gameplay

11 Feb 2019, 15:50 IST

The Division 2
The Division 2

I spent about 10 hours playing The Division 2's Private Beta and had a complete blast, speaking in terms of gameplay.

The controls are a little better this time around and the player character feels a little lighter to control when compared to the first game as well as other Tom Clancy's titles.

Now the combat remains largely similar though the Bullet Sponge has been significantly reduced which is a good thing.

Every gun felt very different to control and the shooting felt very precise and crisp which was also the case with the first game.

The Division 2 offers you an overwhelming amount of things to do which includes the usual main missions in addition to a number of side activities such as doing SHD missions (to gain SHD techs which helps you unlocks more skills and perks to assign onto your character), Capture points, Public Executions, finding collectables and SHD caches and many more.

In other words, The Division 2 doubles down on its RPG content by giving you enough tools to shape up your character.

The Division 2
The Division 2

The game also offers new activities such as building projects, settlements and recruiting staff members which in return gives you more XP and blueprints to customise or craft other items. It is a neat little addition though people familiar with other Ubisoft titles won't find these things a revelation.

What I really loved about The Division 2's gameplay is how difficult the game actually is. The beta only offered a little insight on two of its factions which are the Hyenas and True Sons, but both enemy groups acted very differently, making the players think tactfully to overcome the adversaries.


I played alone, and for the most part, I actually had a lot of fun seemingly because the game neither threw a huge number of enemies at me, that would usually take a group of four to tackle, nor did it become too easy to complete the mission without screaming or throwing away your controller.

The Division 2 finds a middle ground as far as solo experience is concerned and this is something every multiplayer game should do.

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