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The Elder Scrolls online patch 1.6.5 to bring in monumental changes

The Elder Scrolls Online The Elder Scrolls Online is slowly preparing to release on consoles later this summer; however, the PC players continue t ...

News 05 Mar 2015, 16:29 IST
The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is slowly preparing to release on consoles later this summer; however, the PC players continue to engage themselves in what the PC version of the game has to offer. Bethesda is trying their best to give the fans what they want by releasing patches and improving the overall gameplay. The latest patch, patch 1.6.5 delivers what the developers feel is the ‘largest major content update’ till date.

The patch will implement the first phase of the ‘Justice System’ that will allow players to commit crimes like murdering, theft, pickpocketing, etc. The patch also brings in the third phase of the ‘Champion System’ that adds Champion Points, which can be used to unlock new abilities. They can be unlocked using the new UI which is on top of new collections UI. The patch as usual will have a various fixes and balances to the Elder Scrolls Online.

Complete details regarding the patch can be found here.

Given below are a few other key patch notes.

Other Major Gameplay Changes

  1. Synergy abilities now scale off your highest stats that are either stamina or magicka based.
    1. Ultimates and Synergy abilities now always scale of your highest Critical Strike stat instead of just your Spell Critical Strike.
    2. Abilities that cost magicka will now always scale off your magicka, spell damage, and spell critical strike stats.
    3. Abilities that cost stamina will now always scale off your stamina, weapon damage, and weapon critical strike stats.
  2. Removed Overcharge from the game.
    1. The only stats that now cap are Impenetrable, reducing the Critical Strike bonus damage to 0%, and Armor and Spell Resistance, which are capped at 50% mitigation.

Updated Tutorial

  1. The entire tutorial in the Wailing Prison has been revised:
    1. If you were previously in the Wailing Prison with the quest Soul Shriven in Coldharbour, the quest will now be reset.
      1. If you already completed this quest, you will not be affected.
    2. Lyris will now guide you through much more of the Wailing Prison than before.
    3. Basic combat skills are covered in more detail in the beginning of the tutorial.
    4. You will now start with a two handed sword.
      1. However, there are now more weapons (and armor!) to find in the Towers of Eyes and in the Undercroft!
    5. You can now try your hand at lockpicking in the tutorial so you can learn the mechanics more easily.
    6. The Sentinels must now be vanquished using stealth.
    7. The Undercroft has been improved to be more fun to navigate.
    8. The Child of Bones will now give you a better reward. Don’t forget to loot!

The Elder Scrolls Online will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 9th.

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