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The freedom modding offers in Cities Skyline

Cities Skyline a dream for people who enjoy mods

News 01 Mar 2015, 17:40 IST
A shot from Cities Skyline

Cities Skyline a game created by Paradox Interactive, will be one of their highly moddable games, like many others they have released. The developers of the game Colossal Order, have created a few features that will allow modders to edit the map in several ways. Some of these features allow the player to create rivers, forests and mountains among several other things.

The construction and placement of building will also be made easier in this game. The developers say this can be done through an asset importer where the player can take a building (either a pre-existent ones or newly created) and alter it to their fancy. They can manipulate the building’s texture, and alter its function and purpose in the game. Like several other moddable games City Skyline will also utilize Steam Workshop, which enables the player to share their content. 

Cities Skyline is a game which revolves around the building of a city, and is developed by Colossal Order – the people who are responsible for the game Cities in Motion which is a public transport simulator. 

The game which will be enjoyable for people with a lot of creativity, is set to release on March 10th for PC. 

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