The International 2016: The 5 scariest hero-player combinations of the group stages

LanM has had a beastly Kunkka at TI6

The groups are almost coming to a close, with 16 more games left and front runners like EG, EHome, OG, and DC we are in for an exciting last day. The teams have unveiled some of their best strategies and hero player combinations already. I’m going to go over and rank the five scariest hero-player combinations that every team should fear, and maybe ban, in the main event.

1) Ehome.LanM on Kunkka (win rate: 100% in 5 games)

The obituary for LanM’s career as a carry player has been written. LanM has transitioned back to the role he was destined for; support. With Ehome finally solidifying a comfortable identity, they are incredibly terrifying and are sitting at the top of their group after the first two days. LanM has shown an incredible ability to find farm everywhere on the map as a support Kunkka. He moves around in the offlane, he roams the short and mid lanes, and he plays aggressive wherever he can. With great discipline, he rarely dies and is the complete package as far as this hero is concerned. He also has a very interesting style of maxing X mark and Tidebringer as opposed to traditional support methodology of Q – E skill building. It’s also quite interesting how he compliments Iceiceice’s hero pools, utilizing the x-mark to allow safe base pushes when Iceiceice plays Luna, Antimage, and Juggernaut. With a 100% win rate, LanM decimated Secret twice and put a clinic on teams like Fnatic and Escape. He shows carry-level brilliance of armlet usage with the excellent carry-complementary utility of an elite level support player.

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