The International 2018 - ALLSTAR Match Teams and Player Details

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Every year The International Championship comes with the ALLSTAR Match. Ten professional players are divided into two different teams for a game of DOTA2. ALLSTAR matches are always very special. It’s not only special for the fans but for the players also. The two team names are based on 2 legendary players. We’ve seen team Notail for an example.

This year the teams are Team Burning and Team ROTK. 10 professional players will be divided again into these teams. Burning the God of Anti Mage and ROTK the legendary offlaner of Team DK and the current coach of VGJ.Thunder. Both these players are not only valuable to China but also to the worldwide dota2 scene. At the International 2014, Vici Gaming finished 2nd and right after that ROTK and Burning announced their retirement from the professional DOTA2 scene. They moved on to casting and promoting DOTA2 in China. Burning is coaching Invictus Gaming and ROTK is the coach of VGJ.Thunder in this season.

#Team Burning

Team burning is a heavyweight team. Indeed the ALL STAR team. While both of the teams are heavyweight and full of legends, Team Burning is special for a lot of different reason. Two of the best midlaners in the world playing on the same team is always crazy. Let’s take a look at the players featuring in Team Burning

1. Miracle

2. Sccc

3. JerAx

4. Pajkatt

5. Kpii

Miracle- is arguably the best midlaner in the world right now while Sccc is one of the best midlaner of China. Both of them played in the Grand Final of TI7 where Miracle- and Team Liquid won the championship by defeating Sccc and Newbee. 2 finalists of last year and both of them are midlaners. Pajkatt is already a legend. He is one of the players who played in the very first The International in 2011. A legendary carry player with a lot of experience. While Team Burning has two of the best midlaners of the current time and a legendary core like Pajkatt they also have a guy who is arguably the best Earth Spirit player in the world. You guessed it right, it’s JerAx. To sum up, another player from Newbee is in Team Burning, the very talented offlaner Kpii.

#Team ROTK

Team ROTK is not just filled with heavyweight players but probably they have all the controversial players on their team as well. You need to look at the roster to believe this.






Arteezy is no doubt a legendary player but he is more famous for raging in pubs and talking about things that nobody really talks about. Be it his once former team EG or be it about other players. RTZ is always on the top of the list when it comes to controversies. Talking about controversies and we don’t mention Solo? That’s never going to happen. Solo was not only the center of attention in the biggest match-fixing in DOTA2 but also he became famous with his 322 memes. Solo fixed a bet against his own team and threw the game.

Later the match was investigated and he was found guilty. He was handed a lifetime ban but later following with his public apology the ban was reduced to a year. 322 is one of the most discussed scandals of DOTA2.

While LaNm and kingrd are famous for their legendary plays and performances EternalEnvy is infamous for buying Divine Rapier, an item that drops upon death and often it’s called a throw when someone buys Divine Rapier. He is not just infamous for buying Divine rapier or destroying his items in game but he was also on top of the controversy when he wrote a note on Team Secret, exposing them to the DOTA2 scene and exposing Puppey’s behavior as well. Regardless of all this, he is still one of the most celebrated players and a legendary core in the DOTA2 scene.

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