Dota 2 News: The International 2018 Day 4 Review 


The International 2018 Group Stage is over. We have our 16 Main Event teams after nonstop clashing for 4 days. The day 4 is probably the most important day in the group stage as we get to know who is getting eliminated and who is staying. Even though the number of matches is significantly lower than 3 other days but the hype and nail-biting clashes just keep getting better and better as we move towards the end of the Group Stage.

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The group stage comes to a close with Invictus Gaming and Pain Gaming being the first two teams to be eliminated. While the top of both group table remains pretty much the same the bottom of the table goes into tie-breakers to finalize the elimination and playoffs. A survival tie-breaker between Winstrike and Invictus Gaming and another three-way between Optic Gaming, Team Secret, and Newbee.

Group A top of the table stays same with Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses at the top of the table. PSG.LGD and OG secure the Winner’s bracket spot as they finish with the 3rd and 4th position on the table. Winstrike keeps their dream alive by snatching one victory against OG as they tied with Invictus Gaming. Winstrike probably played their best DOTA so far as they send Invictus Gaming home securing their spot in the Main Event.

Group B table had a few very important changes as TNC Predator failed to win even one game against Secret in the BO2 series, as a result, they fell down 3 steps in the table. The other crucial change was the rise of Optic Gaming as they climbed up the table securing them a spot in the winner’s bracket.

Team Secret, Newbee and Optic Gaming all ended up with an 8:8 score. However, the BO1 tiebreaker finished quickly as Newbee lost against both the teams. Optic and Secret snatched their Winner’s bracket spot for the Main Event.

#Summary of the Day 4 Group Stage Matches

Group B Series 8

The last day of Group B was more action-packed than ever. As we saw not even a single draw in the Series 8. Vici Gaming met Virtus.Pro and as most of the fan base were expecting a tie or a clean sweep from VP things just got twisted as VG seemed unstoppable and VP had no answer to their drafts or plays. VG managed to beat VP in both games winning the BO2 series comfortably. On the other hand, Optic Gaming whitewashed Pain Gaming sending them home from TI8 while climbing up the table. VGJ.Storm managed to win both their games against Team Serenity as Secret whitewashed TNC Predator comfortably.

Group B Series 9

Series 9 was no different than Series 8. It was full of action and we had our winners in all four BO2 series. Newbee managed to defeat Team Secret in both games as they Climbed up the table while VP smashed VGJ.Storm and won the BO2 series comfortably. Vici Gaming lost both games against Optic Gaming giving Optic even more points to go up on the Group B table as they secure their Winner’s bracket spot in the Main Event. Team Serenity whitewashed Pain Gaming and send them back home.

Group A Series 9

We saw three whitewashes and one draw in the Series 9 of Group B. PSG.LGD won both their games against Mineski comfortably. On the other hand, Liquid defeated VGJ.Thunder with a 2-0. As Winstrike managed to snatch one win to stay in the competition, EG defeated Fnatic with another comfortable 2-0.


Winstrike stays alive in the competition as they whitewash Invictus Gaming 2-0 in their BO3 series IG home from the Group Stage. On the other hand, Newbee lost against Optic and Secret in their BO1 three-way tiebreaker.

The Main Event will start from August 20 with BO3 matches for the Winner’s Bracket and BO1 for the Loser’s Bracket. Grand Final will be hosted on August 25th with a BO5 series.

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