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The International 2018 : The Year of China - Part 1

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355   //    11 Aug 2018, 16:24 IST

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Welcome to the Legacy of China segment of SportsKeeda E-sports. Today we are going to take a look at Newbee, Team Serenity and Team PSG.LGD. Follow our website and the Facebook page for the Part2 featuring Invictus Gaming, Vici Gaming and VGJ.Thunderstrike.

According to the memes, history of The International and past events China is the hot favorite this year. Why? Because apparently every even year China produces a new TI champion.

2012 champion Invictus Gaming. 2014 champion Newbee and 2016 champion Wings Gaming. But, what if we ignore the memes and the tradition and look into the matter with logic? Honestly, Chinese teams have always been a nightmare to the rest of the world. During the TI1 Ehome was the hot favorite while other Chinese teams were scary enough. There was a time in DOTA when people were afraid of Chinese teams. Chinese teams used to get treated as the GODS of the game.

People admired their discipline and feared their unity. The way they move around the map, the level of focus, the amount of time they spend and the way they were wrecking every other team in the world was spectacular. Whenever someone mentions Chinese Teams the first thing I see is a team of 5 most disciplined and dedicated players showing the world the art of DOTA and it’s near endless possibilities.

Everything they do is perfect. Be it Individual plays be it a team-play, they are always on the top. Around when the world started to acknowledge E-sports and the possibilities in this industry, China has already made it a Sports. Chinese players were signing autographs and people were worshiping them by the time the rest of the world realized what E-sports is. TI1 was literally a China vs World competition. As TI8 is knocking on the door, let’s take a look back at the Chinese powerhouses entering this year’s The International Championship.

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