Dota 2 News: The International 8 Day 2 and Day 3 Review 

Rounak "FL45H666" Roy

The International 2018 group stage games are almost over. One more day of nonstop clashing and then we will have our top 16 teams for the Main Event. As we previously reviewed the group stage Day 1, Let’s take a look at the Day 2 and Day 3 of The International 8 before we head towards the Day 4.

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#DAY 2


Group B Series 3

Group B series 3 saw three draws and one winner. Secret and Virtus.Pro met each other and they both managed to win one game in the BO2 series making it a draw. While most predicted Newbee will win against Vici Gaming, for a shocker VG managed to whitewash Newbee and snatching a 2-0 victory over Newbee. Optic Gaming and VGJ.Storm won 1 game each making another series ending with a draw. The last game of the series 3 was Pain Gaming vs TNC Predator which ended as a draw as well.

Group B Series 4

Group B Series 4 ended with 3 draws and 1 whitewash. So many draws in every group and every series but that’s what you expect when top teams of the world play a BO2 series. Vici Gaming vs Team Serenity was another draw as Virtus.Pro did draw with TNC and Pain Gaming managed to draw the series against Team Secret. The only shocker in the Bracket was Optic Gaming winning the BO2 against Newbee.

Group B Series 5

This is was the only one of the 2 series when we saw less draws and more wins. The other series with similar scoreline was Group A series 5.

Vici Gaming managed to draw with Team Secret with a 1-1 score while Newbee defeated Team serenity 2-0, Optic Gaming managed to snatch the BO2 series by defeating TNC Predator and VGJ.Storm defeated Pain Gaming with another Whitewash.

Group A Series 4

Two Draws and Two victory is what we got from the Series 4 of Group A. Fnatic vs Mineski ended up with a 1-1 draw as both the teams managed to win one game of the BO2 series. On the other hand, Evil Geniuses kept their head and their game up above everyone by beating OG with a clean 2-0. That’s how you perform to stay at the top of the table. Invictus Gaming vs Team Liquid BO2 series ended with a 1-1 draw as both the team declined to give up winning 1 game each. PSG.LGD entered the tournament as a clear favorite and they lived up to their reputation by beating Winstrike 2-0 in their BO2 Series.

Group A Series 5

Both winners of the Series 4 PSG.LGD and EG met each other in Series 5 and EG managed to whitewash LGD as they continue to stay at the top of the group A table. Invictus Gaming and Fnatic played against each other and both teams managed to win one game ending the BO2 series as a draw. VGJ.Thunder played against Winstrike and managed to win the BO2 with a 2-0 whitewash. On the other hand, OG met Mineski and managed to win the series against them.

#DAY 3


Group A Series 6

OG met Fnatic on the day 3 of the Group Stages as they both managed to win one game ending the BO2 series with another draw while all other 3 games saw the winner. Liquid defeated Mineski, VGJ.Thunder defeated Invictus Gaming and again Evil Geniuses won another series with 2-0 and this time against Winstrike.

Group A Series 7

Mineski vs VGJ.Thunder was the only draw in this series as all other 3 BO2 series had their winners. PSG.LGD managed to snatch the BO2 series from Fnatic while OG defeated IG quite comfortably. Liquid managed to win their BO2 series against Winstrike with quiet comfort as well.

Group A Series 8

In Group A series 8 two heavyweights met each other, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. As the champions of last TI quite struggling to get clear wins, EG is unstoppable by all means. However Team Liquid managed to put an end on EG’s unstoppable run as they defeated EG with a 2-0. On the other hand, PSG.LGD defeated Invictus Gaming comfortable with another 2-0 victory. OG managed to defeat VGJ.Thunder with a 2-0 as well snatching the BO2 Series. The only draw of series 8 was between Fnatic and Winstrike as both teams managed to win one game making it another draw.

Group B Series 6

Group B series 6 had 2 draws and 2 clean sweeps as Virtus.Pro whitewashed Newbee with dominating every moment of the game and VGJ.Storm managed to whitewash TNC Predator comfortably. Optic Gaming and Team Serenity both managed to win one game and ended their BO2 series with a draw. Pain Gaming and Vici Gaming ended their BO2 series with another draw as well.

Group B Series 7

Group B Series 7 against saw 3 draws and only one winner out of the four BO2 series played. Team Secret won their BO2 series against Optic Gaming with a 2-0 as all other 3 games ended with draws. Newbee managed to draw against VGJ.Storm, TNC Predator ended their BO2 series against Team Serenity with a draw and Virtus.Pro managed to draw with Pain gaming.

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