The Internet is blaming Pokimane for Leafy's ban, here is why

Image Credits: Dot Esports
Image Credits: Dot Esports
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In the past, there have been quite a few controversies Leafy was involved in. In 2018, he was criticized by Youtuber Ian Carter, populalrly called iDubbbz, who accused Leafy of cyberbullying and harassing other Youtubers and Content creators. Since then, he has been accused of harassing vlogger Milo Stewart, as he criticized her idea of ‘gender identity’.

More recently, Leafy was involved in a rather tedious feud with Pokimane. Since July, the Youtuber posted a series of videos mocking and insulting Pokimane and her ‘Simp’ fans. Further, at the beginning of this month he posted the following tweet about Pokimane.

Pokimane has been accused of lying about her relationship status by other Content Creators as well. Regardless, due to multiple reasons, people on the internet have started to blame Pokimane for the ban. In this article, we look at all the reasons why Pokimane is being blamed for the current situation.

Why is the Internet blaming Pokimane for Leafy’s ban?

First and foremost, the timing of the ban is rather ominous. Leafy had only a few hours prior posted his latest video on Pokimane titled “Content stone age: Pokimane”. In the video which you can still see on his Twitter wall, Pokimane’s brand of content has been mocked and insulted, along with her fans.

Leafy is also being charged with “multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten". The charges are synonymous with the accusations Pokimane’s fans had been levying against Leafy ever since the current feud began.

Multiple content creators such as Pegasus have compared the situation with a past one which involved Youtuber Fainted. He had posted a video about Pokimane which received more than five million views.

However, his account was similarly terminated, and upon his return he stopped posting reaction videos altogether. You can watch Pegasus’ video explaining the whole situation below.


Regardless, Pokimane has herself spoken on the matter, although she went on to delete her tweet quickly. She said that she didn’t have anything to do with Leafy’s ban.

image via Pokimane Twitter
image via Pokimane Twitter

However, various people on the internet continue to blame Pokimane.

As you can see, they might not blame Pokimane herself, but the consensus seems to be that it is because of the mass reporting by her fans that Leafy’s YouTube account was terminated.

We also saw the #freeleafy trending on Twitter.

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