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The lost legacy of FIFA Online

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FIFA Online 3 is extremely popular in parts of Asia

With the pleasing and dynamic EA Sports' FIFA series in the market, the once popular FIFA Online has taken up its position as second choice for FIFA Gamers. Announced back in 2012, the game was developed by EA Spearhead.

The internet-based free-to-play MMO is currently available officially in several Asian regions including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Gamers from other countries and regions can access the game via the servers of these countries.

The free-to-play game allows players to manage and customize a team from any of over 30 leagues with a mammoth roster of over 15,000 real-world players. The single-player and multiplayer modes that the game offers have attracted gamers from all over the world.

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FIFA Online 3 is based on EA's impact engine

Based on the impact engine, aided by the voice commentaries of veteran commentators Martin Tyler and Andy Gray, the game offers a lot for its small size. However, much to the frustration of EA, the reception of the game has worsened due to latency issues, dated rosters, and failure of the game to satisfy an ever-increasing, graphic-demanding audience. With the introduction of the Ultimate Team game mode in the mainstream FIFA series, FIFA Online's applications have been limited to only scattered regions in South Asia.

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FIFA Online tournaments are popular in Asia

EA has, however, decided to keep the FIFA Online 3 running as of now due to the popularity of the game in parts of Asia. In Korea, the game stands atop the popularity ratings of sports games while several big-name tournaments are held in other parts of Asia.

The FIFA World Cup mode is undoubtedly one of the unique game modes offered by FIFA Online, and certainly one of the biggest reasons for the game still remaining afloat amongst other AAA titles.

Users can download and play FIFA Online for absolutely no-cost from official sites of the game's distributors.

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