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The Most Iconic Player-Hero Duo of Dota2

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Modified 18 Sep 2018, 22:17 IST
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Dota2 is the most complicated MOBA ever created. The possibilities of the game are endless. Every time we believe that we have seen it all, we see things that have never been done before.

Things like fountain hook or even more intense clutch plays. There is always someone who plays the hero better than you, and then there are the masters, the legends. Players, that are known for mastering the art of a specific hero.

They are the players that created a new height for the hero and the game, showed us all the endless possibilities of Dota. The hero becomes a part of their legacy, and that created many iconic Player-Hero duo. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and legendary Player-Hero duo.

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There are famous heroes and not so popular player kind of pair; there are famous heroes and a popular player kind of pair and vice versa. So we decided to make a List of the most searched and most popular player –hero duo.

Stats according to Semrush

According to Semrush, Invoker, Pudge and Rubick are the most searched heroes while Miracle, Dendi and Sumail are the most sought players from September-2017 to August-2018. Now you have a little idea about which hero and players are going to make it to the last. Let’s see if you have guessed all of them right.

#1 Dendi and Pudge


What can I say about Dendi and Pudge? Probably, a better love story than twilight. Dendi and Pudge both the player and the hero are legendary for so many reasons, and then there’s the man who is known as the best pudge in the world. Dendi and Pudge is the most iconic Hero-Player duo in the history of Dota2.

His fountain hooks against Tongfu saved Na’Vi in The International. When Na’Vi met Tongfu in The International, Na’Vi was on the verge of losing, Tongfu had the control of the game and there was nothing Na’Vi could do to change the game. And then something happened, something that nobody has ever seen or done. Fountain Hooks.   

Chen teleportation and Pudge’s Meat hook created a death hole for Tongfu. The synergy of the two spells was surely overpowered but not easy to execute. As Pudge lands his hook on any enemy, Chen teleports him back to the fountain which drags the hooked enemy along to the fountain. The bug was patched soon after the TI game but the Fans and the Dota community saw something they never thought was possible.

You have to be at the best of your hero to do things like that and who else can be better. His accuracy, game sense, timing, everything about his Pudge is spectacular. Pudge has an in-game accessory doll that looks like Dendi in Na’Vi jersey and it is Dendi, Valve created it to m ake his legacy immortal.

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Published 18 Sep 2018, 22:16 IST
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