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Video Game News: The most powerful Next Generation Console is coming but not by Microsoft or Sony

04 Jan 2019, 03:47 IST

Project CARS
Project CARS

Did anyone wake up today to see a new game console announced? That too not by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo? Anyone? Well me neither.

But alas that seems to be the case. Should we be excited about this? I can't say yet.

Well you see, The Studio behind the makers of 2015's Racing Simulator called Project CARS recently took to their twitter account to make this announcement.

The new console seemingly is called the "Mad Box" which comes from the studio's name itself which is "Slightly Mad Studios."( Did anyone else find the name a little funny?)

Well, the Mad Box is boasting to be the most powerful console ever made.

4k checked, 60 FPS checked, VR checked. ( What else do you want peasant?)

The Mad Box will directly compete with the PS4 and the Xbox One as the home console or perhaps their successors because it is still three years away.

Not much is known about it except that the developers will get a full free engine to develop games on it. That is pretty decent of them isn't? In any case, more will be revealed as we move on. How will Sony and Microsoft react to this is unknown.


Will the Mad Box target a specific audience as Nintendo does or it will be more mainstream? Will it have first party exclusives titles? Well, one can only speculate as of now.

In other news, Microsoft's next-gen consoles are reportedly codenamed as "Anaconda" and "Lokhart." ( Yes I laughed too when I first heard that.)

Microsoft has also confirmed that there are multiple Xbox consoles in development which fans are speculating to be different versions of the same base console such as the diskless version, disk version, etc.

Sony has backed out of E3 this year so we have no idea when they will be announcing the PS5, but we will be sure to update you whenever they do.

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