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The Ninja clip that broke the Internet: "It's just a game"

Fortnite Icon Ninja
Fortnite Icon Ninja
Rishabh B.
Modified 17 Sep 2020, 19:16 IST

Well, Ninja might have garnered the bulk of his fan base because of Fortnite. However, he is a skilled gamer capable of playing a wide variety of games. It is no secret that to make it in competitive gaming and streaming, players need to keep working on their gameplay and overall skills.

At the same time, there is this 'games are just for fun' mindset that suggests having enjoyable experiences is more important.

However, evidence suggests that Ninja disagrees with this. In February 2020, Ninja posted a tweet debunking the phrase, "It's just a game." The tweet was meant to 'motivate' gamers to keep on working on their skills, and take video games just as seriously as a professional athlete would take his sport.

The tweet and video clip led to a plethora of memes and jokes. While people appreciated and understood Ninja's sentiments on the matter, it not difficult to see why they thought his rant was funny. In this article, we look back at Ninja's 'It's just a game' clip that broke the internet.

Image Credits: Esports Fast
Image Credits: Esports Fast

The Ninja clip that broke the internet: "It's just a game"

In the clip that you can see below, Ninja can be seen ranting against people who use the phrase 'It's just a game' as an excuse.

He appears very angry and says that he will lose his mind if he sees anybody repeat the words. He went on to call people who use the phrase 'stupid,' and well, 'horrible human beings.' He further explained that the words can only be used by a 'lazy human being.'


Following the rant, he further explained his point via the following tweet. As you can see, Ninja thinks that the phrase 'It's just a game' is an indicator of a weak mindset.

It suggests that gamers find losing and 'imperfections in their craft' acceptable. According to Ninja, gamers should not be 'okay' with a loss, and if they don't get angry, then they have lost again.

He encouraged gamers to never settle, and said that there is always something to learn.


While the message is understandable, considering how hardcore a gamer Ninja can be, the internet thought differently.

The clip inspired an entire series of memes and jokes that are still hilarious, to say the least.

Published 17 Sep 2020, 19:16 IST
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