The Story of Bjergsen: One of the most prolific mid-laners in League of Legends history

The story of Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg
The story of Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg

Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg was a professional League of Legends midlaner with exquisite mechanical skill as well as precise game understanding. Having burst onto the scene in 2013 as a stand-in for the Copenhagen Wolves, Bjergsen was unable to compete in the European League of Legends Championship Series at that time because of being underaged.

It was in the month of February that Bjergsen finally made it into the lineup as a permanent member. Soon after him joining the European LCS, the Copenhagen Wolves saw a flurry of success for the remainder of the season. The side was soon picked up and rebranded as Ninjas in Pyjamas for the Summer Season.

Bjergsen's League of Legends legacy with Team SOLOMID

In November of 2013, Bjergsen decided to leave the EU region and joined Team SOLOMID from North America as their midlaner. In 2014, Bjergsen helped TSM reach the Final of the playoffs during the 2014 North America League of Legends Championship Series Spring where they lost 0:3 against Cloud9.

However, it didn't take Bjergsen long to make his presence felt as he flourished throughout the next season, eventually taking the 2014 North America League of Legends Championship Series Summer against team Cloud9 in a 3:2 victory to reclaim their spot as the best from the region.

With a following victory at the 2015 Spring Playoffs defeating Cloud9 in a 3:1 series, TSM finished 2nd in the Summer Playoffs following a 0:3 battering at the hands of CLG in the final.

Inspite of coming close in the 2016 Spring Playoffs, Bjergsen couldn't manage to take TSM all the way, as they saw themselves falling short against CLG in a 3:2 series. After their second consecutive defeat in the Final of the playoffs, Bjergsen looked to bounce back, and that he did.

After winning the 2016 North America League of Legends Championship Series Summer against Cloud9 3:1 in the finals, Bjergsen helped TSM complete a sweep, as the side clinched both the Spring as well as the Summer Playoffs Finals against Cloud9 (3:2 in the Spring Playoff) and Immortals (3:1 in the Summer Playoff) in 2017, to be crowned the best team from the region for that year.

Despite his multiple accolades in regional League of Legends professional series, Bjergsen has never been able to achieve a higher position than 9/12th at the League of Legends World Series.


After failing to make it out of the group stages of the World 2020 in spite of being the top seed team from North America, Bjergsen has decided to step down from the role of midlaner and focus on the role of Head Coach for Team SOLOMID.

Although there have been past instances of players becoming coaches and then returning to play again, it remains to be seen is if the Denmark born 24-year-old will ever return to Summoner's Rift as a competitor. Until then, Bjergsen is looking for a new midlaner for TSM's upcoming Spring season.

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