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The Story of Fortnite's SypherPK – A Prodigy who went around as 'The Trap King'

Fortnite pro Ali
Fortnite pro Ali 'SypherPK' Hassan (Image Credits: Gaimer)
Modified 08 Nov 2020, 22:34 IST

If you’ve been involved within the Fortnite community, a name that might have popped on your screen quite often is that of SypherPK.

Fortnite YouTuber and streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan is among the most popular content creators of the game and boasts a whopping 4.67 million subscribers on YouTube. However, to understand what helps him stand out from other content creators and personalities who play the game, an ideal first step would be to learn where it all began.

WATCH: SypherPK reacts to his first even Runescape live stream

The year was 2012, and a very young Sypher could be seen streaming a session of Runescape with a few hundred viewers.

“It was a good stream, it was a good stream”, Sypher exclaims as the clip comes to an end. The nostalgia could be seen seeping right through his face as he says those words. Before making the transition to Fortnite in 2017, Sypher streamed a variety of games the likes of which include Runescape, CS:GO, Overwatch and Elder Scrolls Online among others.

Although we were unable to identify whether this is SypherPK’s first ever Fortnite clip, a short 3-minute video that most definitely is from his early days of rejoicing the 100-man battle Royale shows just how far the streamer has come.


WATCH: SypherPK plays Fortnite with King Richard

The King of Traps and much more.

It’s no secret that SypherPK was a far better player than most even when he just started playing the game. Whether it was instinct based off years of playing online multiplayers or simply talent is still up for debate. However, what was clear is that Sypher quickly developed a profound passion for the 100-man Battle Royale game and started streaming the game for hours.

WATCH: 14 minutes of SypherPK trapping enemies with sass - The king of traps in action.


Initially, he did end up taking a dip in his overall viewer count, primarily since a majority of his audience watched him for games like For Honor, Elder Scrolls Online, and others. Regardless Sypher’s stance was more or less clear – Fortnite was his new pick and for good reason too.

SypherPK quickly became one of the most notable prodigies of the game. Not only did his skills improve overtime, the Fortnite pro’s content was arguably one of the best compilations that players thoroughly enjoyed watching. Educational commentaries and attempting quirky challenges with friends were among some of his best works.

The infamous ‘Trap towers’ were one of Sypher’s invention that ended up with him being labelled as ‘The Trap king’ for quite some time.

The end of a saga – Fortnite is just not what it used to be

SypherPK with Wife Dainela (Image Credits: SypherPK)
SypherPK with Wife Dainela (Image Credits: SypherPK)

As they say, ‘all good things must come to an end’. SypherPK’s interest in Fortnite started going downhill during the early 2020’s. The long delays with updates, little-to-no content, and a game riddled with bugs ruined the gameplay experience for him as it did for millions of players around the world.

Additionally, Sypher has always criticized the pacing of the game. On multiple occasions, the Fortnite pro has requested Epic Games to try and even out the inconsistences that occur during early to end-game. With most casual lobbies holding only a few players by the time the first circle closes, SypherPK exclaimed the urgent need for mechanic change to resolve the issue.

Not much later in July 2020, he announced that he will be playing the game on stream only occasionally. However, his YouTube channel still sees a consistent flow of Fortnite content every day.


Sypher now streams a variety of games. However, the streamer seems to be enjoying Call of Duty: Warzone more than others and is undoubtedly killing it in the COD scene.

You can head over to his Twitch channel here for more.

Published 08 Nov 2020, 22:34 IST
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