"The Sykkuno effect": The meteoric rise of Twitch Streamer Sykkuno and his effect on people

Sykkuno's rise (Image via Dexerto)
Sykkuno's rise (Image via Dexerto)

A Reddit user came up with an interesting theory as to why more and more people have begun to appreciate Twitch streamer Sykkuno over the past few months.

Reddit user EderRengifo posted on Reddit explaining that even he, like so many others, had trouble “appreciating” Sykkuno towards the beginning.

He explained that human beings have a general tendency to compare themselves with others, which makes them like the people who are similar to them.

He said that when people feel a reluctance to appreciate Sykkuno, it is because they end up feeling that “nobody can be as nice as themselves.”

The Reddit user believes that this is the reason why toxic people end up liking other toxic people.


“The Sykkuno effect”: Reddit user explains why Sykkuno has begun to be appreciated by so many people

Sykkuno’s real name is Thomas, and he is a half-Chinese half-Vietnamese Twitch streamer/YouTuber who is popular due to his League of legends’ gameplay. In addition to that, he also plays games like Minecraft, Valorant, and more recently, Among Us.

On Twitch, Sykkuno has around 1.7 million followers, which is in addition to the 1.8 million subscribers that he has on YouTube. Overall, Sykkuno is known for his soft-spoken and polite demeanour, although he has a witty personality as well.

Image via r/offlineTV, Reddit
Image via r/offlineTV, Reddit

Regardless, his recent success was attributed by a Reddit user, to what he calls the “Sykkuno effect.”

As can be seen, the user says that Sykkuno appears cringeworthy towards the beginning because human beings tend to compare their own personalities with others.

Therefore, when Sykkuno’s appears a bit too nice, people tend to initially think that he is being “fake.”

However, upon looking at his content for a sustained period of time, Sykkuno appears to “transform” into a bonafide role model who people start looking up to.

Image via r/offlineTV, Reddit
Image via r/offlineTV, Reddit

Hence, the “Sykkuno effect” is the the way in which the streamer appears to make people “want” to be like him. This in turn transforms the viewer into a Sykkuno fan, as the reddit post explains.

As can be seen, quite a few people had slightly differing opinions:

Image via r/offlineTV, Reddit
Image via r/offlineTV, Reddit

However, the conclusion that Sykkuno is indeed one of the few “nice streamers” around was shared by quite a few others.

This has not allowed Sykkuno to garner a bludgeoning community across YouTube and Twitch, as his fans try to come to terms with how nice he is, as a person.

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