Top 5 most shocking Alinity Moments caught on livestream

Twitch streamer Alinity has been involved in multiple crazy incidents.
Twitch streamer Alinity has been involved in multiple crazy incidents.

Twitch streamer Alinity has been involved in some crazy moments, some of which have been caught live on camera.

As of now, Alinity, whose real name is Natalia Mogollon, has more than 1.2 million followers on Twitch, with more than 350k followers on Instagram. Before she became a full-time streamer, Alinity worked as a nurse, and she actually holds a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

In this article, we look at five shocking incidents that Alinity has been involved in ever since she became a streamer.

Top five shocking Alinity moments

When Alinity filed a copyright claim against PewDiePie

Back in 2018, Alinity got offended by a PewDiePie joke about female Twitch streamers. PewDiePie had used various Alinity clips in one of his videos, which led to rumors of the streamer deciding to file a copyright claim against him.


Later, Alinity revealed that the copyright claim was merely for ‘show’, and that it was more of an accident. However, Alinity did admit that she had been angry because of PewDiePie using her clips for his own video.

Alinity’s wardrobe malfunctions

Like other female streamers, Alinity has often been accused of having too many ‘Simps’ in her community. People have often said that the only reason she is popular is due to her good looks - another accusation often levied against female internet personalities.


However, the streamer’s case has not been helped by the plethora of wardrobe malfunctions that have been recorded on camera. Alinity has even been banned because of such ‘suggestible’ wardrobe malfunctions - something she did not really seem concerned about, as you can see below.

When Alinity compared herself to a ‘punching bag’

Alinity has often spoken about the mistakes that she has made in the past, including the PewDiePie fiasco. A host of controversial statements and incidents have made her one of the most disliked personalities on the internet.

She was even unfairly accused of being responsible for Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban, and said in an interview with a psychiatrist that she feels as if she is paying for some of her ‘past mistakes’.


She appeared very emotional during the interview, and said that she feels like the internet’s ‘punching bag’. Of course, this was only one of the many times when she spoke out against her ‘haters’.

The cat-abuse accusations

Well, in what is perhaps the most problematic accusation levied against the streamer, Alinity has been recorded ill-treating her pet cat multiple times. She has been caught on camera throwing her cat around negligently, and almost crushing it under some furniture.

What’s more, the streamer has even been caught spitting vodka inside her pet’s mouth. These incidents have brought her widespread criticism, and even forced PETA into putting up a tweet condemning the streamer.

The $25 million lawsuit

Back in August, we had talked about a $25 million lawsuit that was filed against multiple female streamers, including Pokimane and Alinity. In June 2020, a man named Erik Estavillo filed an official complaint arguing that these female streamers' thumbnails are so attractive that he ends up watching the streams for hours together.

While the complaint was quashed as quickly as it made its way to the court, the issue was talked about by multiple content creators, includingYouTuber Jeremy Habley. Regardless, it was another crazy Alinity incident that surely deserves a place on this list.


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