The Trey Songz leaked video leaves Twitter scandalized

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Popular American rapper Tremaine Aldon Neverson, better known as Trey Songz, recently found himself on the Twitter trending page after an alleged explicit tape of his seemingly got leaked online.

The 36-year old musician appears to have had an intimate video of his leaked online, as several people on Twitter alleged that the person in the tape is him, on account of the tattoos on the man's body matching with his.

While he has neither confirmed nor denied his presence in the video, he recently took to social media to respond to these allegations via a series of tongue-in cheek posts, the first one being a caption titled "Don't Judge" with a smug emoji:

On Instagram, he posted a picture of himself seemingly watching his own video, which only fuelled further speculation online:

He has also retweeted posts by Twitter users, where they claim to have subscribed to his OnlyFans account.

As a result of his explicit video surfacing online, a majority of Twitter users were left scandalized upon clicking on his name. This urged them to express their shock via a series of humorous posts online.

What did Trey Songz do? Rapper trends because of Keke Palmer allegations and leaked tape

In the leaked video, an unidentified woman and man are shown to engage in explicit acts on camera. However, fans are convinced that the man is Trey Songz, based off his voice and tattoos.

As a result, Twitter users had a meltdown, and they reacted with a mixture of shock and regret to the alleged Trey Songz leaked video:

Apart from trending for his alleged explicit tape, several Twitter users also highlighted Trey Songz's problematic past, which revolves around his relations with the likes of Keke Palmer and Megan Thee Stallion.

With regards to the former, the situation was quite serious back in 2017, as the 27-year old actress alleged that Songz had taken a video of her without her permission. She claimed that he was guilty of sexual intimidation.

The situation blew up recently when Celina Powell and her friend Aliza, accused him of far worse misdemeanours.

While he denied these allegations back in August 2020, his critics were quick to remind all those sharing his viral video recently, about his string of problematic actions in the past:

While Trey Songz may very well find himself on the Twitter trending page due to an alleged explicit tape, supporters of Keke Palmer will be hoping that it doesn't end up overshadowing the multiple allegations levelled against him.

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